Feeling Down? Here’s 50 Ways to Stay Positive

50 ways to stay positive

Feeling down is pretty commonplace, but there are plenty of things in our own gift we can use to turn things around. Because we’re all different some of the things on my list will appeal to some but not to others, even so, I defy you not to find a good few ideas that won’t work to your advantage.

1. Exercise

A single workout like cardio or yoga can be as good if not better than antidepressants which will boost you, relieve stress, and improve your mood greatly.

2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast will prevent you from becoming grumpy and also improve your performance. 

3. Speak Up

Be assertive to improve your confidence and avoid feeling helplessness. 

4. Take It Easy

If you feel you are being rushed, just breathe deeply and slowly. Just take one step at a time.

5. Get Some Inspiration

Boost yourself with some inspirations. You have to make some effort by reading, watching or listening to something that will inspire and improve your moods.

6. Pay Attention To Your Appearance And Hygiene

Good appearance and hygiene will make you feel confident. Bathe and wear clean clothes, groom yourself well to stay in a positive mood. 

7. Compliment Yourself

Don’t be afraid to say nice things about yourself. Saying good things about yourself will help knock back gloomy thoughts.

8. Go Outdoors

Walking outdoors has great benefits in helping you to unwind.

9. Hang Out With Friends

Friends help you have some physical affection that will help you build a positive mood.

10. Try To Smile and laugh

A good laugh uplifts your spirits and makes you feel better.

11. Pick or Buy Flowers

The scent of flowers and sight at your desk or home is comforting. Also the bright colours of the flower help create positive moods for you and the people around you.

12. Compliment Other People

Saying something nice to another person feels pretty good. Not only that you make others appreciated for their efforts.

13. Manage Your Time Wisely

Accomplishing your tasks in good time will make you avoid stressful situations. You will also have some time to spare.

14. Don’t Wallow In Defeat And Sorrow

Nobody is perfect and mistakes and losses will always happen. Learn from such experiences in order to stay in a positive mood.

15. Avoid Negative People

Negative people will ruin your mood. Try to inspire them if they are your mates.

16. Be Grateful

You will be able to focus on everything in life that is good.

17. Have Regular Snack Times 

Having snacks at intervals of about 3 to 4 hours helps keep your sugar level stable. You will be able to avoid grumpiness and be active.

18. Wear Comfortable Shoes

It’s difficult to stay positive with shoes that hurt. Avoid heels that hurt your feet just because they look good.

19. Listen To Music

Listen to some favourite good music to boost your mood – maybe while jogging or doing some tasks.

20. Do What You Love Most

Doing what you are really good at helps you to get maximum satisfaction and happiness like your job or hobby.

21. Develop Friendship

Having foes just drains your energy completely. Develop friendship to have a stronger support team and be happy.

22. Be Careful With What You Say

You can never take back what you say, so be careful when saying something to avoid altercations that will stress you and affect your mood negatively.

23. Drink Enough Water

Water keeps you hydrated and helps you avoid lethargy.

24. Treat Yourself

Give yourself some rewards that will help you feel encouraged and feel happy.

25. Avoid Too Much Coffee

Too much caffeine will make you become nervous and fidgety. This will definitely interfere with your overall mood.

26. Keep In Touch With Your Close Friends And Family

Calling your loved ones and friends or visiting them can help you improve your spirits and theirs too.

27. Don’t Worry About The Future

Try and live at the present moment and worry less about tomorrow. 

28. Take a Relaxing Bath 

Relaxing bath helps soothe your body especially after a long day at work.

29. Make Love

Making love helps in the release of powerful endorphins that helps you stay happy and also strengthens your relationship.

30. Think Positive Thoughts Before Going To Sleep

This will help you prepare well for better tomorrow and thus you need a good rest to prepare for the busy day ahead.

31. Go To Bed Early

Going to bed early enables you to get enough sleep and rest. You will be able to wake up feeling good and feeling positive.

32. Maintain a Good Posture

Good posture is associated with elevating your spirits and having positive moods. Use body language to boost confidence.

33. Try Something Totally New

You can travel to new places or move to another city. Doing new something will help refresh your perspective about various things in life.

34. Dream Big

Thinking of achieving something and working towards it will help you to stay focused and have positive moods.

35. Trust Yourself

36. Disconnect From Everything For A Moment

Try and shut down your electronics, TV, phones and computers for some minutes to avoid all the distractions. 

37. Stretch

It enables you to stretch some muscles as you refresh and unwind for some minutes. Gets the blood flowing and fires up your brain before your next task.

38. Take A Brisk Walk 

Taking a walk without a destination is a good way to clear your mind. Enjoy the fresh air and the sun.

39. Dress Up And Do Something Fun

Inject some excitement in your daily routine by dressing up and going out to dance or in an event.

40. Stand Tall

Standing up against something makes you feel powerful and confident about yourself. 

41. Declutter Your Space

Do away with everything physical or mental in your life that you don’t use or love. 

42. Stop Procrastinating

Postponing what you planned to do will only make it look harder and scarier. This will in the end make you fell like a failure and ruin your mood.

43. Spend Time With Children

Children are enthusiastic and curious about life and everything. Watch how they play and interact with each other.

44. Manage Your Money Well

Always live bellow your means so that your money does not manage you.

45. Volunteer Or Make A Donation

You can offer time, money, influence or your voice. By making a positive impact on someone’s life, you make a positive impact on your own.

46. Forgive Someone And Reconnect

Holding grudges is a total waste of happiness. Give that person in your life a second chance and have a happy ending story.

47. Be Attentive To People

This will help you avoid misunderstandings and portray yourself as a sincere person. You will also become more likeable to people.

48. Hand Every Situation In A Mature Way

Do not act like a child and being petty. Try to handle situations like an adult that you are.

49. Grab Some Fruit

A fruit will help you wake up in the middle of the day, as compared to other snacks that will give you energy spike for some minutes then you end up feeling tired and sleepy.

50. Always Give It Your Best

You not have any regrets when knowing that you have given everything.

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