Welcome to Positivity Guides . . .

. . . . where the accent is on practical tips for a happier, satisfying and more fulfilled life. Positivity Guides was co-founded by Sophie, Christine and Jerry Kennard.

Our Pitch

We’re not trying to sell you a magic formula – because there isn’t one. But – there are a host of useful tips and insights we can share and learn from. It’s about trying out new ideas and viewing each day as an opportunity to try something new and nudge nearer the goals you’d like to achieve. Finally, it’s about shared experiences and to this end we invite you to contribute your knowledge, tips or stories.

We believe that for us to be truly fulfilled and content we need to learn positive ways that help us navigate our way through life. Sometimes a few very modest tips can change our beliefs and attitudes and help us in this regard. The greater mastery we feel in our lives the more satisfied and at ease we feel. What’s more we also build resilience against the effects of stress and other psychological traumas

Our mission is to empower people with information, applications and resources needed to enable better moments, better days and better lives.

About us


Sophie Kennard is the Founder of PositivityGuides. A teacher by profession, Sophie is also the social media and advertising guru and contributes regular blogs to the site.







Christine Kennard is the former Alzheimer’s Guide to and HealthCentral. A former nurse by profession, Christine has taught in various health and higher education settings. Christine also contributes to the site.



Dr. Jerry Kennard is editor of the site. Jerry is a psychologist, author and blogger. He is the former Men’s Health Guide at and now writes regular blogs for HealthCentral, part of the Remedy Health Group. He has published several self-help books and has even dabbled in fiction.





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