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seal best blogger positivityWe’re here to help you to overcome obstacles. We offer personal and professional development in the form of courses, books, and blogs. Through these, we help you hone your talents, become more effective, and enhance your overall quality of life.

Think of Positivity as the alternative to Negativity. It’s about being open to new ideas, viewing each day as an opportunity, and experimenting to get nearer to the goals we’d like to achieve. 

The more mastery we feel over our lives the more satisfied and at ease we become. What’s more, wepositivity 30 transparent 1000px build resilience against the effects of anxiety, stress, and other psychological traumas.


Meet the Positivity Guides

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Sophie Kennard is the Founder of PositivityGuides. A teacher by profession, Sophie is also our social media guru and contributes regular blogs to the site.





Christine Kennard is the former Alzheimer’s Guide to About.com and HealthCentral.com. A former nurse by profession, Christine has taught in various health and higher education settings.


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Dr Jerry Kennard is the editor of the site. Jerry is a psychologist, author, and blogger. He is the former Men’s Health Guide at About.com and is a medical reviewer for HealthCentral.com, part of the Remedy Health Group. He has published several self-help books.


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Sally Roughton is a Voice Artist & Video Producer. She narrates & produces Audiobooks, creates Book Trailers for authors and publishers and she voices our podcast episodes. Sally is keen to spread Positivity through our regular topical podcasts.




India Wentworth is a journalist and blogger. She began her blog during her journalism studies and writes on culture and current events, lifestyle and travel, studying, and opinions. Blog: https://www.indialilyblogs.com/



This site is for your information and entertainment. It contains a variety of views, opinions, statements and comments. We do not vouch for the reliability or accuracy of such information. Where legal, medical or professional issues are concerned we strongly recommend you seek advice from appropriately qualified personnel.

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