Want a Positive Future? Let go of the Past

    letting go of the past


    Much of our past makes us the person we are today and that past is often less than perfect. It stands to reason that whilst we can’t change our personal history it doesn’t mean that is has to dictate our future. We can’t ignore the past, or pretend it hasn’t happened, but we can learn to leave its influence behind. In so doing we give ourselves permission to change and move on. Read more

    Your Story

    Goodbye Fynn-dog: It was Fun

    Fynn greyhound
    On December 8th we said goodbye to our greyhound. His stroke came out of the blue and within three hours the vet had put him to sleep, leaving us in a state of shock. Our home has simultaneously become empty, yet full of great memories. Read more


    Quiz: Have You Got a Playful Mindset?

    playful mindset

    Have you got a playful mindset? Just how silly and playful can you be? Are you open to opportunities for fun or do you find other things keep getting in the way of a good time? Well, here’s your chance to find out. Take our interactive Playful Mindset quiz and see how you stack up. Read more