10 Ways to Discover You’re Your Own Worst Enemy

    Some of the biggest challenges we experience come from within. It’s an unnerving prospect to discover that your worst enemy is right here, within your head, in the form of your beliefs. Now, I’m not saying that this is the definitive list, but the items we’ve come up with represent some of the biggest blocks to self-improvement.
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    How to Come Out to Family and Friends

    Coming Out to Family and FriendsComing out to your family and friends can seem like an insurmountable task. Unfortunately, we still live in a culture where being part of the LGBT community is often stigmatized. In some situations it can create rifts between you and your family, or even be dangerous. Read more


    50 Ways to Keep Fit, Healthy, and Stay Positive

    50 ways to stay fit, healthy, positive
    Stuck for ideas about staying fit, healthy and positive? Well our list of 50 should help things along. You know, there’s a difference between fitness and health, although they often get clumped together as though they are one and the same thing. They certainly compliment each other, but it really is quite possible to be fit yet unhealthy and vice versa. Find the balance and you’ll feel so much more positive. Read more


    Feeling Down? Here’s 50 Ways to Stay Positive

    50 ways to stay positive

    Feeling down is pretty commonplace, but there are plenty of things in our own gift we can use to turn things around. Because we’re all different some of the things on my list will appeal to some but not to others, even so, I defy you not to find a good few ideas that won’t work to your advantage. Read more


    Emotional Pain: What’s Acceptable?

    emotional pain
    Emotional pain probably outweighs poverty as a source of misery. The psychological and social costs are astronomical and they are reflected, to some extent, by the annual spend of hundreds of billions of dollars targeted at medications and therapies. Read more