Boom, boom, boom: I want you in my room

    positivity sex
    ‘Don’t be sad
    have sex instead’ said no one ever. I think if I expressed a blue day to a friend and they gave me this advice I’d either spit out my wine laughing or have a tiny urge to slap them, but truth be told research is pointing their devilishly dirty finger at the facts. Sex is good for you. Read more


    Positive Breathing Exercises

    positive breathing


    Breathing is one of the most natural of life’s processes.  It is the single most important act that we do each day and we could not go more than a few minutes without it.  Not only does breathing provide the body with necessary oxygen, it also helps rid the body of carbon dioxide.  Read more


    The Happiness Quiz

    happiness quiz
    Are you sabotaging your own happiness? One way to find out is to take our happiness quiz. Do you ever feel like you’ve been brought up to be a people a people pleaser? Read more


    Live to work or work to live?

    work to live
    Our choice of career can have an immense impact on our day to day lives. Find one that fulfils you and you’re set. But, what do we do when our jobs become a source of stress? Read more