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Welcome to our award-winning positivity guides site.

The accent is on practical tips for a happier, satisfying and more fulfilled life.

We’re here to help you to overcome obstacles. We offer personal and professional development in the form of courses, books and blogs. Through these, we help you hone your talents, become more effective, and enhance your overall quality of life.

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A site like this is typically classified as ‘self-improvement’ or ‘personal development’. But self-improvement shouldn’t imply that something is lacking in you, or that you are somehow less capable than other people. It’s really more about opening ourselves to the idea of growth and learning, and hopefully having some fun along the way. With this in mind, we’ve built the site to accommodate different tastes. These include:

Articles: are posted regularly. We categorise into topics such as happiness, motivation, success and so on. You’ll find the categories running down the right-hand column on every page you visit.

Books & Gifts: we offer a selection of the most popular, current, and widely recommended books, plus there’s our positivity shop, selling books and other goodies, and our clothing store for shirts, hoodies and other positive paraphernalia. 

Explainers: are infographics intended to give a quick and entertaining insight into keywords, terms and phrases.

Guides: are more detailed, authoritative and longer articles, usually 2000 words plus. Guides may also come with a free download for further reading.

Courses: Free, short and premium courses. Check out the selection. 

Quizzes: Like finding things out about yourself? Well you’ll enjoy our positivity quizzes.

Video: a small but growing selection of video material for you to enjoy.

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