Quiz: How Self-Conscious Are You?


Are you the laid back, confident type, content with who you are and what you do? Maybe you’re more alert to social situations, being judged feeling awkward? Is being self-conscious helpful or self-limiting? Take this short quiz to get an instant answer and interpretation of your score.


Please answer all 20 questions. As with all our quizzes, no data is stored and your results will appear immediately you finish.

It matters what other people think of me.
I'm sensitive to my inner feelings
I tend to be very aware about how I look.
I don't agree with self-analysis.
People always judge others by the way they look.
I often try to see myself the way others might see me.
I always like to make a good impression.
I take my time thinking about what to wear.
There are times when I just feel ugly.
Public speaking makes me really nervous.
I consider myself a leader rather than a follower.
I'm the anxious, awkward and shy type.
I often imagine myself as a different person.
I get easily embarrassed.
I prefer to blend in with a crowd.
I tend to think about myself a lot.
I envy friends and family.
Clothes don't trouble me, I'll throw anything on.
It takes me a while to warm up in company.
I feel uncomfortable if I'm being looked at.
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