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Music and its effect on mental health

Music can have an extraordinary effect on our Mental Health. Music Therapy has been a powerful tool for our well being. It influences our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Research suggests that it can improve our cognitive performance if we listen to background music while doing an activity. (That’s currently how I’m writing this, listening to music.)

It can reduce stress as it has an impact on our stress response and particularly on the autonomic nervous system, which recovers quicker with music. 

There is evidence that music can help with:

  • Weight loss
  • Motivation
  • Mood
  • Depression
  • Sleep
  • Endurance and performance

Music also helps us to focus, express ourselves (I run my own radio station), connect us socially, and bring out our creativity. 

Playing music can be incredible too. Teaching us to practise an instrument or singing.  It also connects us to other musicians and can give us focus to meet likeminded people.

I always find Lyrics in songs can be very relatable. I also end up speaking to lots of people at gigs. You have a common interest and you are all there for the same passion. 

Finally, listening to music for an hour a day has been reported to significantly reduce pain and depression. This may be an important tool for those like myself that suffer from chronic pain. ( I have Fibromyalgia and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia.) 

So, find the music that reaches out to you and embrace every feeling it gives you. It’s a beautiful world full of so much music. Find your Melodies and be Inspired to be the Best Version of You!! 

By Rio Jones

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