How to De-Clutter

Clutter is a compulsive collection of things, most of them meaningless and useless. To de-clutter is to willingly take steps that will remove all or most of the clutter in your life. Because de-cluttering should be a practical and systematic process we can look at various aspects of your life:

Mind Clutter:

Noise and other issues compete for our attention. It’s possible to de-clutter the mind in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Prioritize by determining the difference between urgent and less important.
  • Learn a relaxation technique.
  • Let go of the past and all it’s baggage and stop fearing about the future.
  • Slow down. Speed is a key partner in cluttering. Speed gives you the false luxury of picking and storing things to be enjoyed later.
  • Identify the essentials and eliminate the useless.
  • Eat well, exercise more and make sure you sleep and rest well every night.

Home Clutter:

A cluttered home is evidence of a cluttered life. To de-clutter your home:

  • Set a timer for five minutes and blitz the house with cleaning in that time.
  • Fill a bag once or twice per week and pass it to a charity shop.
  • Create more storage areas in your home like a closet or bookshelf.
  • Get the family to tidy up after themselves
  • Check the fridge and cupboards. Throw out the stuff you’ve never used and probably never will.

Relationship Clutter: 

Relationships are meant to be meaningful, fulfilling and mutually beneficial. If they aren’t then it’s time to de-clutter your relationship life:

  • Set limits and boundaries.
  • Keep in contact with friends who you have related for more than 5 years.
  • Don’t accept unnecessary baggage from friends.
  • Patch up old arguments with people who were long-standing friends.

Work Clutter:

Clutter in all the other areas of your life will tend to be expressed at your place and work. You’ll look more professional and you’ll feel better if you:

  • Organize your desk and only leave the minimum on it.
  • Re-read your letter of employment and your job description and focus your work-life in line with these documents.
  • Cultivate and maintain the habit of arriving at your work place 5 minutes early.
  • Finish all responsibilities that day. Try not to put things off.
  • Have a to do list and stick to it.
  • Take your break entitlements.
  • If all else fails, change your career to something more fulfilling and challenging. 

De-cluttering your life in these four areas will help you to live a simpler, more streamlined and less stressful life.

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