5 Self-Improvement Sites You May Not Have Considered

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The term self-improvement has been used so often that it seems to have lost some of its meaning and power. Most people strive to be successful, but it is extremely helpful if we band together to get the support that help during the hard times. 

Many self improvement sites simply offer information, but the best sites are the ones that offer interaction. This can be achieved in the form of a forum, feedback/review sections or the offering of live events. Here are some sites you may not have considered:




Nobody does self improvement like Oprah! This is reflected in her website where she pulls together many of her key messages in a professional and yet warm way. She deals with light topics, such as fashion and decorating, as well as deep and sometimes uncomfortable issues, like forgiveness and addiction. By offering a plethora of ways to reach out, this site opens a door to a world beyond the web pages. For example, there are links to dynamic podcasts and videos as well as courses that you can sign up for.




The Huffington Post – Really?

The Huffington Post is known for a lot of things, but generally it isn’t thought of as a self improvement provider. However, there is an entire section related to this pursuit. Not only are the articles written by qualified and intriguing writers, but the offerings are wide ranged and likely to spark your own creative thought processes with regards to your mental health and lifestyle. While this site doesn’t provide the interaction that some sites do, the readership is wide enough to allow a feeling of inclusivity.




Self Growth

This site is a more traditional but popular self-improvement website. It offers everything from help with domestic violence to support concerning career, weight, health, spirituality, and on and on. They encourage interaction.




Talk Space

What could be more interactive than online therapy? Some people swear by it as a convenient and anonymous way to delve into deep issues and solve inner problems. Others feel that therapy should be done in person.



Spark People

This incredibly interactive site was originally set up as a weight loss site. However, it has blossomed to create a large group of people who interact in ways beyond weight and physical health issues. This is a great place to reach out for self improvement and body improvement!

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