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10 Reasons to Try Mindfulness

There are no negative implications associated with the practice of Mindfulness. A very few people have reported negative feelings afterwards but the jury is out as to whether or how this can be associated with mindfulness

It is increasingly being adopted as an effective health strategy, known for its ability to soothe and heal the mind.

Mindfulness helps us to gain perspective over our thoughts as transitory mental events. This tells us that our thoughts and beliefs aren’t necessarily the truths we may have come to see them as.

It gives us a helpful break from the endless chatter and intrusion of everyday thoughts yet allows us to stay fully aware of our environments and all the events that are happening at the time.

It helps us to connect with our world. So much of our time is down to routine habits and conditioning that we barely notice what we are doing.

It helps us to accept certain things for what they are.

It can provide the means for interrupting trains of thought that might result in a downward spiral towards depression.

It helps us to gain greater acceptance of our emotions and recover from low moods more quickly. Over time less distress experienced because less frequent negative thoughts arise.

Mindfulness has a calming emotional effect that results in higher self-esteem and less need to look outside of ourselves for reassurance. With this comes a greater sense of personal control and less inclination to act on impulse.

Mindfulness is a recognized strategy for stress reduction and for reversing the effects of chronic stress and helps us respond to stress in a more reflective fashion rather than simply attempting to ignore or looking for ways to deflect the pain.

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