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5 fantastic ways to unwind on the weekend

As you move through the working week, you become sluggish and bored, ready to let go, unwind, and just relax. You need time to step away from the screen and give your eyes and your mind a break from staring at it for too long.

You may have a huge to-do list waiting, but that’s what Mondays are for, right? 

You need to be able to kick your shoes off, shut your eyes, and take a breath. Life is busy enough without the stresses of work to worry about, which means that you need to have your weekends to feel the best that you can feel. With that in mind, let’s check out five fantastic ways you can unwind on the weekend, every weekend.

  • Start Keeping A Journal

While this doesn’t sound like a way to unwind in the same way that spa would, you want to take time away from your screen and put your mind on something else. A journal allows you to get everything down on paper. You’ll be taking your feelings and your worries and putting them somewhere you can close the page on, which gives you a chance to let go of all the stress and negativity you’ve felt.

  • Head To A Yoga Class

You can choose hot yoga, cold yoga, outdoor yoga, yoga in the dark – no matter what, choose a class that suits you where you can stretch and focus and think about something other than your work. If you can’t get out of the house, make space and start working out at home. There’s no reason not to relax if you want to!

  • Think About Not Thinking

Meditation can offer you the ultimate in relaxation. You can unwind and clear your mind of all the things that feel heavy, and you can either self-teach with YouTube, or you can choose to go to a class and learn how to meditate. It’s all about helping you to switch off and let go of all the stress that builds throughout the week. 

  • Binge Watch Your Favourite Show

Netflix and chill may have connotations in Urban Dictionary, but really, it’s one of the best ways not to have to think. You can engage with your favourite TV characters and just block out the rest of the world. Bring snacks, too, as these are a must!

  • Go Pampering

You know that a favourite way to relax for most people is to pamper themselves. It doesn’t have to take much: a bubble bath and a good book will do the job! However, an outside spa location like Lab Spa can do wonders for the senses, and there is nothing wrong with booking a spa weekend once a month to just relax and enjoy yourself. You can pamper yourself with massage, sauna and jacuzzi, and you can go alone or go with friends. You don’t have to just settle for a bath bomb and Enya at home!

Relaxation is a must this weekend – how will you spend yours?


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