10 Most & Least Stressful Jobs 2015


Stressful employment comes about as a result of jobs that are over or under demanding. A dull, boring and repetitious job can be stressful but that’s not really the same as the demands placed upon workers whose very lives at risk or who face a variety of challenging and unpredictable outcomes.

Stress is our body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. When we feel threatened, our nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which rouse the body for emergency action. In short doses these hormones are fit for purpose but over the long term they can contribute to stress-related illnesses.

Whether a job is stressful or not really depends upon the perception of the person who is in it. Even so, there are certain occupations that are generally regarded as stressful, even by the people who choose to do them. Equally, self-reports from a variety of occupations reveals that certain occupations come way down on the stress list. The U.S. based career website published its analysis for 2015. Here’s what it says:

Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs

  1. Firefighter
  2. Military Personnel
  3. Military General
  4. Airline Pilot
  5. Police Officer
  6. Actor
  7. Broadcaster
  8. Event Coordinator
  9. Photojournalist
  10. Newspaper Reporter

Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs

  1. Hair Stylist
  2. Audiologist
  3. University Professor
  4. Medical Records Technician
  5. Jeweller
  6. Medical Laboratory Technician
  7. Seamstress/Tailor
  8. Dietitian
  9. Librarian
  10. Forklift Operator
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