Music Soothes The Soul

Do you enjoy singing in the shower? Isn’t it wonderful how the sounds reverberate and make us sound rather good? With such diversity, there must be a style of music to suit everyone’s taste. There are so many benefits from both listening to music and by singing.

The science bit:

Many a time I have said that music is good for the soul. I recently came across an article which echoes that statement. Mark Sichel, writing in Psychology Today, states:

Music is often overlooked as a therapeutic intervention: singing, listening, and creating music of any kind will provide an immediate biological and psychological benefit for everyone. In fact, music can be a salvation and antidote to most psychological challenges: that’s why people sing in the shower and while driving the car, or simply listen to music that’s inspiring and distracting from emotional upset.

There is also research to show that listening to Mozart can give your brain a boost. Sophie Freeman for Mail online June 2015 writes:

Researchers from Sapienza University of Rome said: Mozart’s music is able to activate neuronal cortical circuits [circuits of nerve cells in the brain] related to attentive and cognitive functions. And Deane Alban  tells us that music is a fantastic brain exercise, in that it activates every known part of the brain.

Even without all these science facts, each of us will have experienced emotions which are related to music. Just wait until you next stop at a set of traffic lights – chances are, you will hear the Boom – Booming and take a look to your left or right and there will be a head bobbing up and down to the beat.

Whilst listening to music, a certain peace can suddenly change our mood. We may feel nostalgia or happiness as we hum along to a favourite tune. Or even sadness, as we become deeply moved by the beauty of the music. For those of us who experience insomnia – listening to music through the night can be one of life’s comforts.

Back to the subject of singing in the shower. How long is it since you had a really good old sing song with a group of friends? How about joining a community choir? There are numerous choirs now all over the country. The beauty of them, is that there are no embarrassing voice tests and you don’t even have to be able to read music. From day one, everyone is in the same boat. Members who have been in the choir for years, will still be at the starting post with a new song. Everyone learns together. There is such fun to be had and the camaraderie is just amazing.

The memory theory? Oh yes, it sure does exist. Week one of a new song, you may frown with disbelief at the printed sheet with what appears a lot of words. However, the choir leader takes you through stages of the song and you go home buzzing with euphoria. The words and tune start to infiltrate into our minds. By week three, unbelievably the Choir will more than likely be able to put down their song sheets and sing in harmony with great gusto.

by Babs

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