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Why Gardening is Good For the Mind


Not only are gardens delightful settings to look at they are also good for the mind. According to the national Center for Disease Control, gardening is similar to performing a moderate cardiovascular exercise and those who garden for 30 to 45 minutes per day can burn up to 300 calories.

It promotes physical and mental health through relaxation and satisfaction, as well as better nutrition. Gardening helps us develop a relationship with plants and nature itself and it is possible to create comprehensive garden designs that offer a lot more benefits than we may have previously thought possible. Nothing compares to being at one with nature when it comes to creating a relaxed state of mind while letting go of the anxiety and pressure of everyday life.

There are at least four key reasons why gardening is good for the mind

Stress Relief

Many people find it difficult to find time to escape from the pressures of life and simply relax. As you work in the garden, the calm and peace of nature washes over you, helping you reduce stress while the physical exertion helps reduce blood pressure. Immersing yourself in nature is the most natural way to relax and helps boost endorphin release, which helps you feel better. You become more grounded, centered and relaxed.

It’s a Way to Vent Anger and Frustration

One of the most important therapeutic benefits of gardening is that it allows us to unleash our anger and frustration while still providing the opportunity to nurture. When you are feeling angry, anxious or frustrated, gardening can be a good way of regaining a sense of control. While trying to control people or events in your life is an invariably fruitless endeavor, you are more likely to succeed in controlling your beds and borders, which makes this activity a particularly satisfying experience.

It Reconnects us to the Cycles of Nature

Gardening is a great way to reconnect to the cycles of nature. These cycles helps us stop and pay attention to the constant rhythm of life and appreciate the many wonderful facets that nature manifests. While gardening, you learn to slow yourself down, stop watching the clock and focus on the senses. The movements, the sights and smells you experience all contribute to us staying in and appreciating the present. Cultivating plants and watching them grow is a rewarding process that provides great satisfaction.

It Helps the Body release Happy Hormones

Gardening is an excellent form of functional exercise as it incorporates many of the elements of a moderate to intense fitness routine. Pushing, stretching, pulling and lifting activates multiple muscle groups and the resulting exercise leading to the release of the feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin.

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