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Finding Your Inner Child


Do you ever find yourself looking back at a decision you made years ago? Then at how the mindset we were in at that time, changed our lives?

For instance – if we hadn’t taken a later train, then we would never have met a certain person. Or, we had a feeling deep down that we shouldn’t take what seemed an awesome career change and later on to be much happier that we made a different choice.

On a personal level, serious health issues have caused me to be in chronic pain for over thirty years. It certainly took me a while to accept that my much loved nursing career was over. After that, there were two choices left:

1. To feel sorry for myself and let everyone else around me see the pain, by grimacing and moaning. (Probably a fast way to lose friends.)

2. Find a way of coping and not be a whinger. Then to somehow keep my usual sunny disposition. Lead by example to others struggling with the same issues.

Thankfully I chose the second option and over the years have found several strategies to help. I will share them with you:

If you are having a particularly rough day, try and change your mindset. Give yourself ten minutes in a comfortable sitting or lying position. Now close your eyes and without rushing – go back in your mind to a moment that filled your whole being with joy. Even back to childhood if you like. Some Ideas:

Flying a kite – laughing out loud as the wind whipped up the kite. You remember running underneath and watching it duck and dive across the sky. You may be older and perhaps a bit creakier now, but go on give it a try some time. Recapture that feeling of bliss.

Even if you end up like me and opting to purchase a tub of children’s bubbles. You can still go outside and waft the bubble wand around. Childlike joy can still be found by watching the round rainbow filled bubbles dancing in the breeze.

Fresh air in even the smallest of gardens can make us feel so much brighter. Listening to the birdsong, or spotting bulbs or plant shoots coming through the soil.

Wrapping up warm and toasty on a cold day, still allows us to step outside and feel the fresh air bringing roses to our cheeks.

If you are able to take a walk, try smiling and saying hello to people along the way. It is amazing how good you feel when the smile and greeting is reciprocated.

Our inner child may be illusive, perhaps buried under daily stresses. Why not give it a try. You have nothing to lose, but maybe a lot to gain.

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