Let go of fear

It’s an overused phrase in this day and age, and its frequent use has perhaps reduced the impact of the lesson it was designed to give, but love does come from within.

If someone is consumed by self-doubt and change is something they desperately need but are unable to do anything about it for whatever reason, they have to change their mindset. With depression on the rise, fear of change is a massive driver in why so many people live such unfulfilled and empty existences.

Fear can manifest in many ways and stops people from doing what they want. It could be fear of getting hurt in future relationships, or the confidence to go out after an accident, or even going to the gym to lose those extra pounds. Unfortunately, life is not risk-free, but managing fear will help you live a fuller life. 

Here are some methods to help you reduce fear in your life and embrace change:


No one is perfect. Everyone is flawed. A lot of people go through life worried about what other people think of them all the time. The truth is no one is as interested in you as you are, so forget about their thoughts. To move forward, you need to accept that you’ll never be a size zero, or younger, or more intelligent, for example. The freedom in acceptance is overwhelming, and you finally feel alive as if for the first time if you can achieve this. So get into that swimsuit and go to the beach, your hang-ups are your own, no one else knows they exist.

Focus on positive change

Most people often do something they are not proud of or happy with regularly. They keep repeating the same detrimental patterns, like clockwork. They are unable to change for fear of feeling lost if they stop something, or cut someone out. Take some time and think about what you would like to do to make yourself feel better about your life. If it’s your health that’s bothering you, for example, but you can’t stop smoking, think of a solution, like you can get shisha kits online to help you in your transition.

Maybe you could focus on increasing your knowledge in a particular subject, something you are genuinely interested in, and by conducting this activity, you might find your life’s passion or purpose. If you focus every day on achieving something positive, then you will start to feel less anxious and begin the process of self-healing.

Embrace your strengths

It may be worth making a list of all the qualities you possess, or things you have achieved in your life that you are happy about. You may want to think about things you are grateful for, like family, your health, and focusing more attention on these things.

If you are an artist, draw, or a cook, create a new dish every day, or if you are a musician, play music. After all, practice makes perfect. If you can focus attention on the already positive aspects of your life and harness the power that this energy can give you, you will find that fear becomes a less and less disabling aspect in your life. At the end of the day, you are your mind. 

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