Positivity at work will help you succeed

Have you ever seen a car salesman approach you with a frown on his face and complain about the car you’re looking to purchase? Of course not! He’s got to have a positive attitude to make a sale!

Successful teachers teach with charisma and discipline; they don’t spend their time in the classroom whining and kicking their feet. Notable doctors care for their patients with compassion and a knowledge-base to effectively treat them without judgment.

Effective counselors give their clients the tools necessary to get through whatever is troubling them without belittling short-comings.

A positive attitude in the workplace is essential for success!

What to do – what not to do

Sometimes it can seem impossible to maintain a positive attitude, especially at work. We deal with all sorts of situations and predicaments that aren’t always what hoped for or expected. But if you follow a few simple guidelines, it’s easier no matter what comes your way!

No office gossip

Try to avoid the cliques and hush-hush gossipers. They aren’t out for anyone but themselves and will turn on you in a moments’ notice. Think about it this way: If they are gossiping with you today, they will be gossiping about you tomorrow.

Be a team player

Get rid of the me, me, me attitude and spend your energy working with others to come up with solutions to obstacles. Give credit where credit is due also. There is no “I” in “Team”.

Don’t be a serial complainer

Nobody needs to be the victim of your foul mood. You stepped in dog poop this morning and it ruined your fancy shoes? Don’t take it out on your coworkers. If unusual traffic caused you to be late for a meeting, shake that angst and disgust off in the parking lot.

Boss riding you for a report that was due last week? When you share your negativity with your peers, you run a great risk of them becoming equally as irritated with you.

Stop swearing

If you’ve got a mouth like a sailor, be sure to keep it shut in the workplace. Even the most innocent of people slip up now and again. Just don’t make it a habit.

Speaking with a foul mouth, especially to your superiors, shows an unprofessionalism that might not be overlooked. If you don’t have anything nice to say…

Advantages of a Positive Attitude at Work

Why do all of these things? 

You’ll Be a Role Model

It could be a seasoned employee or a new-hire, but eventually the superiors are going to come knocking on your cubicle to show someone else the ropes. They will look to you to be their shining example of a desirable employee.

Health and Wellness

Stress depletes the immune system. If you are the part of the reason for a stressful environment, think about what that’s doing to your body!

With a positive attitude you can help avoid work-related anxieties and better resist any office germs floating around.

Lead Roles

Those with exemplary behavior are often put in lead roles. Instead of being on the phones all day answering calls in the call center, they might just assign you to the lead technician position. Or maybe you’ll be chosen to take the lead on an advertising campaign. Whatever the case, it’s because of your positive attitude and workplace ethics.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion!

Let’s face it, even the last man or woman on the totem pole is looking to sit in the big chair and have that corner office. Management and the higher ups look for capable beings who meet the criteria for the position, but attitude goes a long, long way. Your positive attitude will have the bosses singing your praise when you’re up for a promotion!

Work is sometimes challenging. Deadlines are stressful. It’s also hard to constantly maintain a positive attitude when confronted with all of facets of workplace tensions. Amongst all the stress and strife of the work environment, dealing with many different personalities along with your duties of employment, it takes a great deal of effort to keep a steady flow of positivity.

Keep your head up and stand firm on your ethics. You won’t even need to draw attention to your positive attitude; your colleagues and superiors will take notice and reward you in one way or another. Success is imminent for those who deserve it!

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