From I Can’t to I Can in 7 Steps

I can in 7 steps
You know what you have to do. Whether it’s a date night or an important business presentation, you know exactly what you need to say and show to make things work.

But somehow, the knot in your stomach says otherwise. It makes you believe that your goal is out of reach. It makes you feel vulnerable and insecure. It echoes your inner voice when it says over and over again in your mind “I can’t.”

First of all, everyone has days when they feel like everything they have to do is an insurmountable task, a giant rock that blocks the way. And it’s fair to say that life is filled with challenges and difficulties.

From a distance, even the smallest of pebbles can seem like an enormous obstacle. But the only way to go further and achieve your goals is to ignore your inner voice and convince yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to. There is no room for the negativity of the “I can’t” behavior in life.

Happy people, and those who are the most successful at turning their lives into a positive and enriching experience, are people who say “I can.” They refuse to accept that their objective is impossible. Instead, they find the emotional and mental strength to go forward and make it happen. Here’s a little guideline to help you to find your inner “I can” voice.

Turn “I can’t” into “Why not?”


#1. It doesn’t happen overnight; work towards your goals

There’s no denying that achieving your goals requires hard work. It’s fair to say that, regardless of what you want to do, you won’t get there overnight. You need to work at it. Consequently, if you’re expecting a quick and easy victory, you’re in for a disappointing experience.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it happen. The fact you haven’t been promoted to your dream job yet doesn’t imply that you can’t get there. However, it can be tricky to stay motivated and focused along the way. The best way to shut down your negative inner voice is to design a plan to guide you from A – your current situation – to B – where you want to be. You have to think of your objective as a project, consequently manage your progression in terms of resources, time management, needs, abilities, and priorities.

#2. Feeling drained no more

You would love to make it work, but you feel empty of all energy. You’re left wondering why you don’t have the emotional stamina you need to push yourself further. Your mental health shuts you down each time you try to achieve your goal.

The most common cause for this emotional trip down the negativity well could be your chakras. Indeed, in the Hindu literature, your chakras refer to energy centers in the body, each linked to specific physical and emotional functions.

When your chakras are out of balance, you can experience strong negative feelings, where the energy is blocked. Fears of rejection, criticism, abandonment, and confusion can be a consequence of the imbalance, which you can resolve through distance energy healing. When your energy flows freely between the different chakras, you are emotionally stable.  

#3. Don’t fear failure

Did you know that most people would rather not try anything than face failure? As a result, their go-to justification is “I can’t.” Failure is wrongly perceived as an end that invites self-loathing. In reality, failure is the very beginning of your journey. It helps you to understand the issues at stake and to learn from your mistakes. The more you fail, the better prepared you are to succeed in the future because you finally know what works and what doesn’t.

#4. Are people dragging you down?

Is your inner voice the only one telling you that you can’t, or do you find yourself surrounded by a chorus of unhelpful voices too? Toxic friends, for instance, tend to affect your well-being and your emotional stability. Indeed, they have a negative attitude to life which can reflect on yourself.

They might feed on your positivity, unintentionally, using your energy instead of their own. As a result, you feel drained. You constantly face criticism and bad attitude. You can’t rely on them to help you to recharge your batteries and approach your goals. On the contrary, they make your objectives seem unattainable.

#5. Believe in yourself

Why do you think you can’t? When there’s no other reason than believing that others are better equipped than you to succeed, then you need to realize that you are your biggest enemy. Lack of self-confidence is the number One reason why people choose to give up on their life aspirations.

It’s not a matter of not being good enough, or not knowing this or that. Life is a long journey during which you can develop new skills, make new connections and get closer to your objectives. But you can only make things happen if you allow yourself to embrace your talent and shine.

#6. Let a mentor guide you

Shining? It’s more easily said than done, you think. Don’t worry; nobody has said you should do all the shining on your own. On the contrary, you can find support in qualified mentors to help you move forward. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you want to launch your own business, there are plenty of dedicated coaches you turn to.

Ultimately, a mentor is a friend and an advisor; it’s someone who can support you both emotionally and practically. And sometimes, you need a bit of both to become the best version of yourself!

#7. Why not?

Finally, you need to ask yourself one important question. Indeed, “I can’t” is only an empty statement that stops you from facing your fears. Replace it with an open question that pushes you to go forward. “Why not?” can significantly change your attitude towards challenges. You don’t fear them anymore. You are ready to tackle them and try out something new. “Why not?” gives you the emotional stamina you need to achieve long-term goals.

Don’t let fear, toxic friends, lack of guidance, or drained energy stop you from achieving your objectives. On the contrary, you can shut down your negative inner voice and seize new opportunities every day.

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