A woman’s guide to personal growth: or, how to embrace your inner warrior.

women know who you are

Embrace your inner warrior, what’s that about? Well, deep down, at the core of your being, do you know who you are really? If you answered yes – awesome! I recommend you stop reading this and get back to your life immediately. If you answered no, there’s something important I want to tell you.

First, let me just say that you are not alone. So many women out there are confused about who they really are. The world today puts so much pressure on us to fit into a certain model, to have a certain type of personality, to focus so much on our appearance, that many of us have lost our connection with our true identity.

We have spent so much time trying to live up to the standards of what other people want us to be, that we haven’t even had the time to take a breath and connect with ourselves.

Because of this, I want you to take just a few minutes out to read a few tips that will help you to get back in touch with the wonderful and powerful woman that you are, deep down inside.

Top Tipple

First, forget the drama. I know, I know, you love it, so do I. But when we get too entangled in the drama of our lives, we lose sight of ourselves.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what other people are doing, or what other people think about us. What really matters is what we think and feel about ourselves.

If we get too caught up in the endless drama that happens around us, we take that drama on-board in our lives and we get swept away by it, becoming consumed by it. What a drama!

Next, take time out

Yes, I said it. Put down the phone, put down the iPad, forget what’s happening on T.V, and spend some time alone.

Okay, so some of you have kids, and yes, I know how difficult raising children is. But I beg you, try your very best to figure out how you can get some time for yourself. And do not, I repeat, do not spend your precious hours doing chores.

You need to have some you time. And spending your afternoon washing clothes, changing the sheets, and cooking dinner ahead of time is not you time. You do it for your family, I get it.

But they will still be there when you get back from that swim at the beach, or that yoga session you did alone in the garden. Trust me, when you make it work, it really, really works.

Finally, grow

Grow as a woman, grow as a person, build up your skills, learn new things, face your fears, chase your dreams, all of it.

There is nothing more empowering than this. When you show yourself that you really can change your life, achieve what you want to achieve, realize your life-long dreams, you are literally setting yourself up for massive personal growth. And not just in your career, but in the rest of your life too.

Personal growth should be at the forefront of your mind. If you really want to live the kind of life you have always wanted, to be able to love and be loved to the highest possible level, you need to develop ‘the personal growth’ mindset.

It will improve every aspect of your life, and yes, for the mums out there, it will improve the quality of life for your family too.

Please, please, please jump on the bandwagon. Show yourself that you can do it. And take your life in the direction you have always wanted to go. No-one can do this for you. And I promise, it’s worth it, it really, really is.

Personal growth is a metaphor for life itself

Let your own life reflect this and be the kind of woman you have always wanted to be.

Personal growth is all about taking yourself to the highest possible heights in life. You don’t have to become a millionaire, or have a career that makes you a CEO, but you do have to know yourself in a way that means you are completely comfortable with who you are, and what you are capable of.

There is no fixed template of womanhood

As a woman in today’s world, your challenge is to not allow yourself to be pulled into the stereotypical model of what a woman should be, or what a woman is.

At the core of your being you are a powerful, confident, independent and thoughtful person. The problem today though, is that most women aren’t given the opportunity to shine in the ways that make the most of who they are deep down inside.

Therefore, it’s extremely important for you to empower yourself, and not let the world sweep you away in all the drama that it creates.

I want to give you a quick guide to Personal Growth so that you can be the kind of woman you were meant to be. We are at such an important time in human history to be a woman.

For the first time in centuries women are becoming more and more able to express themselves in the ways they were always meant to. Women are finally being treated with open honor and dignity, and they are more capable of having truly inspired and fulfilled lives.

Push Your Boundaries

People are beginning to wake up to the awesome power of the female mind. No longer are women looked at as objects, as possessions, as inferior, or as more limited than their hairy chested counter parts.

They are, in fact, reaching higher and higher heights in all areas of life, and you should absolutely make sure this doesn’t stop any time soon.

Push the boundaries in your own life. Make sure that women are equally able to stand in their rightful positions as human beings.

Don’t allow the stereotypes, religious traditions, and outdated social restrictions hold you back.

Break through those boundaries and take yourself to the places you’ve always known you could reach.

Embrace Your Inner Warrior

One of the most impressive things that a woman can do is embrace their inner warrior. Traditionally women were seen as physically inferior, unable and unsuitable for war and combat, and more suited to be a homemaker. Nowadays things have changed.

Just take a look at the combat zones all over the world, or the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and some of the most grueling physical challenges that endurance sports can offer. You will see women in all of them, at the forefront of some of these incredibly tough disciplines.

Not only that, but more and more men are choosing to stay at home to raise children, giving women even more opportunities to show the world that they are capable of bringing home the bacon. Use this to your advantage and do your part to prove that women can and do come out on top.

Girl Power

It’s vital that you don’t forget your strengths, and that you use these to live the kind of life you want to live. Personal growth, specifically for women, is an exceptionally challenging thing to master. But it is one hundred percent within every woman’s capability.

To take yourself to the next level, don’t allow yourself to be limited by the small-minded views of those around you. Tap into the infinite potential you have to explore, adore, love and live your life, and achieve the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of.

Women are famously passionate, kind, elegant, and graceful beings. I don’t think they will ever lose this, it’s naturally who they are.

But I think it’s high time that we made women equally famous for the characteristics of strength, power, authority, and overall capability. Because deep down inside, these too are things that every woman is naturally capable of.

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