The 10/3/5 Practice that Will Change Your Life

They say if you can manage to start your day off on the right foot, that the rest of your waking hours will be smooth sailing. We’ve heard about how waking with a smile and greeting the day with love can make for a better day, but if we wake up crabby and unwilling to take on the day, how can we shift it?

Easy. We can try the 10/3/5 practice that’s changing lives regularly. Prosperity mentor and speaker Bob Proctor puts this numerical miracle to work regularly, and says it’s the one thing that keeps him on track for the rest of the day. I practice it myself, and it really does make a difference in how I experience the rest of my day.

10/3/5 takes no more than 10 minutes. When you wake up, stay in bed; pull the covers up to your neck and close your eyes, if you like. Then do the following: 

State Out Loud Ten Things You’re Grateful For

I mean really, really grateful for. Dig into those ten things a bit so you can really feel them. For example:

I am so very grateful for my husband. He is so loving and patient and kind. I wouldn’t be able to follow my passions today if it wasn’t for his support. I am so very grateful for him, Universe. Thank you.

Move on to the second thing you’re grateful for and dig in some more. When we hear ourselves state the things we appreciate, we tell our subconscious what we prefer to focus on.


Think of Three People to Send Love To

There are, without a doubt, three people in your life that need the power of love and compassion. You don’t have to be particularly fond of them or even close to them, either. You just need to be willing to overlook any issues or debates you have with those people and send them love that you know they need. I have a family member that I would prefer to never spend time with because she is very angry and bitter. She’s always one of my three:

Universe, please send Donna love, compassion and patience. Her anger is killing her inside and robbing her of what could be an incredible life. I send her so much love today and every day. May she wake up and see how love is truly the way to peace and happiness.


Spend Five Minutes in Meditation

If you’re eyes are still closed, keep them closed. Set a stopwatch on your phone and sink into a peaceful meditation. Use imagery, if that works for you.

For years, I’ve always imagined myself in a beautiful room with hardwood floors and billowy curtains. An old, wise woman is in the room with me. She sits across form me and strokes my face, telling me how wonderful life is and how there are so many gifts I have yet to receive. The second a negative thought comes into my head, the woman takes it from me, puts it in a box, and pushes the box across the floor and out the door.

By the time I’m done, I feel warm and safe. I am at peace. I pull the covers closer to me and lay there for another minute or so, smiling at all of the goodness in my life. The rest of my day is filled with gratitude, love, and abundance. Do I hit roadblocks? Of course I do. But I think back on 10/3/5 and it dissolves into the background.

Give it a whirl for seven days. Let us know how this practice shifted you.

Joleene Moody is a PositivityGuides writer and Robbins-Madanes interventionist, specializing in offering information that helps readers shift their mindset quickly in order to improve their lives.

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