The Truth About Your Friend’s Perfect Life

You have a friend that has it all. The car, the house, the husband, the wife, the job. Her hair is perfect, his suits are expensive, and their children are on the honor roll. Their dog even walks perfectly. Furthermore, every picture he posts on social media reeks of happiness and joy.

How did they get there? How did their lives become so perfect? While they’re basking in the sun in Cancun, you’re sinking into a place that depresses you. You wish you had her life. His car. Her marriage. 

But there’s something you should know….

The truth about your friend’s perfect life is that it isn’t perfect at all. No-one’s life is.

The majority of us post our positive moments and our accolades on Facebook or Instagram. It’s what we do. Why do we do it? Because we crave significance. (link for human needs) 

Every single human being on this earth desires to be noticed and considered significant. It’s a basic human need. So rest easy knowing you’re not the only one that wants to be perceived as perfect. Thanks to social media, we can create that perception. And because we have the power to create it, we also have the power to hide our dirty laundry. 

So how do you shed the sadness you feel as you scroll through the perfect lives of others?

For starters, remember that no one has the perfect life. NO ONE. We all struggle and we all suffer. Some of us learn how to handle it in different ways as we grow and evolve, but there really is no such thing as the picture perfect life.

Secondly, take inventory of your life right now. Right this very second. What do you have that is good? Who do you have in your life that is a positive force and loves you? What can you be thankful for right now?

Lastly, shut down your phone or computer and call a friend. A real, tangible friend. Preferably one that you can share anything with. We tend to live vicariously through a screen with smiling faces and interesting lives. The truth is you have a smiling face and an interesting life of your own. Go live it!

And after all of that, remember this: If you had the choice to post images of a new puppy or a miserable day, which would you post? Instinctively, you would choose the new puppy. That’s what most people do because, again:

[bctt tweet=”we crave a level of significance and the desire to be praised for what we have.” username=”JerryKennard”]

Remember that the next time you scroll through your newsfeed. We tend to share the good. It’s in our nature and it’s what we do. So instead of thinking your life isn’t perfect, remember that no one’s life really is. 

Life is made up of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the pretty. And all of it, even the painful parts, are what make you the person you are today. So share your pretty. Share your ugly, if it so compels you. Share your world with others in a way that will impact them for the greater good. In the end, you become a force for positive change. And really, isn’t that what this world needs?

Joleene Moody is a PositivityGuides writer and Robbins-Madanes interventionist, specializing in offering information that helps readers shift their mindset quickly in order to improve their lives.

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