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5 Evening Rituals For Better Days

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Perhaps your first thought is that of dread or unhappiness. You don’t look forward to the day. Yet you get up and drudge through it.

Your days don’t have to begin this way. To change the way you wake up, you need to change the way you shut down the evening prior. By winding down the night before you put your mind at ease and your body in relaxation mode.

Ready to try it? Good.

Here are 5 Evening Rituals for Better Days:

1) Shut Down Your Mobile Devices

If your bedtime is somewhere around the 9 o’clock hour, shut down your laptop and smartphone around 7pm.

Social media and bad news feed the brain with negative thoughts and images. Pick up a good book instead. Allow your mind to stop racing and put it in a peaceful place.

2) Clean Up

Tidy up before bed. Fluff the pillows on the couch and fold the blanket that’s been lying there.

Do a quick sweep of the floors and put any dishes away in the sink. Waking up to a tidy home alleviates the feeling of overwhelm or clutter. It also tells your mind there’s one thing less to do the following day, and that’s got to feel better.

3) Take Inventory of the Good Things

What good things happened to you today? We tend to take inventory of the bad things instead of shining a light on the better things.

Did your car start? Did someone buy you lunch? Perhaps someone complimented you on your clothes or your smile. Take inventory of the good things that happened to you today and put those at the forefront of your mind.

4) Enjoy a Cup of Tea

There are so many yummy varieties of tea out there in the world. Find a decaf flavor that tickles your fancy.

Enjoying a cup of tea in the quiet of your home is a practice the Danish call Hygee. Hygee is the practice of being “cozy.” Settling in and getting cozy before bed in an ideal way to relax your heart and soul.

5) State What You’re Grateful For

This practice may be overstated; yet it often seems to be under appreciated. The benefits of stating what you’re grateful for far outweigh the struggles you may be experiencing.

State ten things you’re grateful for in your life every night. Even if they seem small and insignificant, they are not. Now smile and sip your tea as you bask in your gratefulness.

Put these five steps into practice every night. When you wake up, you’ll still have that relaxing feeling you went to bed with. You’ll remember what you’re grateful for and you’ll smile at the fact the house is already tidy. Waking up with gratitude and peace is a phenomenal way to start the day.

Now shut your mobile device and begin. The couch is waiting for you.

Joleene Moody is a PositivityGuides writer.

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