Happiness is a Choice

By Yvonne

When I am thin I will be happy! When I live in the house of my dreams, then I will be happy! Or perhaps when I meet my Soulmate, I will be happy? Does any of this sound familiar to you? Have you like many postponed your happiness to another day in the future?

Have you defined your ability to be happy by some other person, place or event taking place in the future? Well, if that is how you perceive your happiness will manifest, then I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your happiness will always remain in your future, most likely, just out of your reach! In reality true happiness is your choice!

So, instead give yourself the opportunity to actually experience happiness today! Yes today! But how? Well, the first thing I think you need to grasp is that

Your Happiness is Your Choice

Take a moment and write down anything that you enjoy in your life now, this moment!

It could be waking up each day, or walking by the sea, or having wonderful friends or having a beautiful home or a wonderful son or daughter in your life. Whatever you truly feel grateful for in your life just add it to your list!

Now on a new page write down what it is you wish to have in your life that you imagine will make you feel happier than you are now!

OK, look at the first thing on your second list (the things you want to have) and ask yourself the following questions.

If this thing/person/place was in your life right now what would you be feeling?

Write down how you are feeling describing in minute detail, how having this feels inside and out!

When you have completed that. I want you to think of something you have in your life right now that makes you feel as you have just described you will feel when you have received what you said you wanted above.

Now, the next time you begin to wish for what you haven’t got, think and feel the emotions about what you do have and enjoy those feelings right now.

When we realise and enjoy what we have in our lives, and really spend time being consciously aware of how happy they make us feel, we realise how we can be happy right now!

Being happy and expressing the happiness feelings about what we do have, automatically attracts more happiness into our lives. Sometimes we wait for a time in the future when we have received what we want, but from experience I can tell you, to do that is a mistake. Why wait when you can be happy NOW! If you can’t find something or someone in your life that makes you happy, then you must make a change in your life. If you don’t enjoy your job, change it. If you don’t like where you live change it. If you absolutely can’t change your job or home for reasons beyond your control, then change how you perceive it! Of course there are things we can’t control, but there is always something we can change within ourselves, which will turn things from unhappy to happy in our lives.

as a life and business coach, I have helped many people connect with their unique brand of happiness, if you can’t see how you can find happiness in your life, and you feel you need some guidance and clarity on your future, then please contact me I would be honoured to help you find your way forward!



©Yvonne Clarke


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