Ways to be happy today


Let’s face it, we’d all like to be happy, but it isn’t always easy to find that in our daily lives. I’ve put together some thoughts on ways in which you can bring contentment to your life.

First, stop looking for happiness in objects and experiences. It’s natural to want things and have exciting new experiences, but the highs we get from these never last long and neither do they bring us real contentment.

When we get the object we crave for it only the ends our desire for that object. It brings us a sense of relief which we mistake for joy. This is not the real deep contentment that is always available freely to us.

Look for happiness within

We spend too much time looking outside ourselves. We feel frustrated when our efforts do not bring us the desired results. Instead, we can find a deeper sense of satisfaction from learning who we are and that contentment is a natural state. We rarely need to add anything to ourselves or change, only accept the way things are.

Stop dwelling on the past and wondering about the future. If we concentrate on the now then life becomes very simple and intimate. When we are present with what is happening now, with a non-judging mind, we are at peace. It is this peace that radiates a natural state of happiness.

Too often we project our life into the future, imagining that is where our happiness will be found. We so often overlook each moment and forget that there is an abundance of joy already present.

Set yourself goals

When you achieve these aims, your will feel a sense of achievement and a boost to your self-esteem. Have a direction and some achievements to aim for.

Another essential to finding real happiness is to give of ourselves as well. Helping others in both small ways can contribute to making you happier and more content. You might even be able to find a way to combine giving and engaging in an activity that makes you happy.

For example, if you love to make people laugh you could organize a community talent show as a fundraiser for a local charity. Giving your skills and time to improve others well being will, in turn, improve yours.

Finally, make a list of all the aspects of your life that do make you happy. So many of us get down because we dwell on the negative, but usually, there is something about your life that makes you happy. Make a list of these items so you can have a quick mood enhancer when you feel down. 

The pursuit of happiness does not have to be challenging or arduous. Finding true happiness can be as simple as determining, identifying, engaging, connecting, giving and reminding yourself of the key to personal joy.

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