Defining Your Own Success


Everyone is inclined to see success differently because we have different goals, we make different choices and take specific actions based on that.

There is not a single definition of success and there can never be one! Success is a choice and personal point of view – there are billions of different definitions therefore. It’s interesting to see that there is a difference between personal and professional success.

The problem with people not feeling accomplished is usually a derivative of a gap between his own perception of success and the one that people around him pose as normal. Let’s dig into these different situations:

1. You don’t feel successful because you are not moving up in the corporate ladder.

2. You don’t feel successful because people around you don’t see you as successful.

3. You don’t feel successful because you are only doing great in the personal or professional area – and the other one lacks attention.

4. You don’t feel successful because you follow someone else’s definition of success.

All of these problems have solutions and have their own way of dealing with them. Those statements require that you challenge the definition you have of success. Asking yourself the following questions will assist you to assess in the process of re-defining success on your own terms.

-Does this definition is aligned with your core values?

-Where does this definition come from?

-Who do you want to please when you set your goals and objectives?

I want to have a more in-depth conversation about the standard definition of success. Indeed, based on our cultural background, religion country of origin, language, we as a group set standard for what success should mean for each of us. In some region of the world, success is hard work and social status. In other places, success is strictly oriented toward building a life around family reputation and values. You can also find as well nations who define success on their health or happiness. Human beings are far more way complex and it is important to recognize our uniqueness. Because of this singularity, it is important to consider success related to our desires and our own filters and beliefs, not on other people definition of success.

When You follow someone else’s definition of success you ultimately compromise yourself, your authenticity in addition to your relationships, your support system your health and more. As hard as it is for us to understand and differentiate between our own beliefs and the ones that society poses above us, you want to re-think of the image of a successful person – he is driving a luxury car (or has a driver), she is wearing haute couture clothes, they travel the world, they are brilliant and make at least 7 figures. Everyone has different expectations and needs, different options and decisions to make. To you the small bakery shop on the corner might not be a glamorous success, but the owner’s family is proud of the accomplishment and he doesn’t want to hide it.

This leads me to the main idea I want to leave you with- define and measure success in your own terms. Decide what do you feel success is for yourself, write it down and when you feel down about something – look at it. It will motivate you, it would help you change your mindset and get back on track. Remember that even if you meet someone else’s definition of success, it doesn’t mean you will be happy nor fulfilled. You want to be confident and accepting of your own definition of success if you want to be happy and proud of it.

So it’s all up to you to decide what is your goal – to be a VP of a global company, to be a small business owner, or to work as little as possible and have the time and income to be with your family. If you are having problems reaching the success point that you defined – sign up to receive our Tips and Free Content at


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