Simple Things Make Us Most Happy


coffeeRight now we have luxuries in abundance, but I’ve discovered that excess really reduces my life’s enjoyment.

Sure, we can obtain huge amounts of rich meals, feasting to your heart’s content, stuffing yourself in alarming shows of gluttony … however, is that actually enjoyable regularly?

And yes, TV can be very be full of fun,however if it’s often on, if we’re connected always, doesn’t that reduce the fun factor? Too much lead to all types of problems, the biggest problem, however, is the fact that this life is just less taking pleasure in.

I have been discovering that simplifying things imply I could simply savor life a lot more fully. For you to savor your life start with a mindset. It’s your mindset believing that rushing, that excess, distractedness, isn’t good. It’s a mindset that really tries rather to:

• Simplify
• slow down
• do and consume less
• be present & mindful
• savor things fully

It’s really the little stuff that make life actually enjoyable: a great book, a walk with your loved one, a blooming new tree, a chilled plum. And by just simplifying, we can really savor life fully.

Some concepts I’ve lately been thinking about:

Coffee: Rather than ordering mocha, latte, cappuccino having whipped cream as well as cinnamon and also shavings … simplify. Only get pure, or espresso (good coffee), brewed fresh carefully with precision, with high-quality beans, roasted freshly.Slowly drink, with little or even nothing added, and thoroughly enjoys it.

Tea: I had tea recently with the owner of a particular Tea Lounge, which he poured two various teas from little tea pots: Bai Hao Oolong and Sencha 1st Flush tea. It was really fresh, hand-made from leaves, not just a tea bag, also it was really delicious. Slowly drink it, having your eyes closed, appreciating the aroma fully.

Exercises: I have recently been a lover of simpler workouts. Although others might simply spend in the gym 1 hour to 90 mins, experiencing a series of 10 various exercises, I do just 1-3 functional workouts, but with intensity. Therefore, I might do certain sprint intervals, body weight squats or even some rounds of pullups and pushups .You have to know that it’s a simple but amazing workout

Sweets: I really used to be an addict of sugar. Right now I still take pleasure in an occasional dessert, however in little portions, eaten gradually. What I even enjoy more, is cold fruit. Some blueberries, a cold peach, strawberries, and a plum: consume it gradually, close your eyes during each bite, and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Meals: As the trend now is super-sized greasy meal, fried stuff (more than 2 people have to eat), I’ve been taking pleasure in smaller meals. Just some ingredients, whole, fresh, unprocessed, without sauces or chemicals. My meals normally include: a steel-cut oats breakfast (cooked) with almonds, cinnamon, and also berries; having a lunch of nuts, yogurt, and also fruit; having a dinner of tofu with quinoa as well as steamed vegetables (or sautéed together with garlic as well as olive oil). These meals are really better since they are not only healthy, each ingredient is tasted, and its flavor enjoyed fully.

by Marlyn

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