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Sags, Bags, Lines and Crevices

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Although wrinkles are an inevitable part of ageing it is still shocking when they first appear. It is difficult to see them in a positive way. We fail to equate wrinkles with knowledge and experience. Wrinkles are more about the loss of youth.

Preventing Skin Wrinkles

Is there any way we can prevent, or at least slow the wrinkle process down? Actually there is!.

What do I define as wrinkles? Well, they are the fine lines and creases that happen as the skin loses its elasticity. Pull the skin on the back of your hand when you are young and it snaps back into place (unless you have a medical condition, or are dehydrated). Older skin stays where you have pinched it for an alarming period of time! 

Genetics is the main determinant of what our skin is like. Genes, made up of DNA, tells your body how to make proteins that affect all the structures and functions of your body. There is no one gene that is specifically allocated to what our skin is like and how it reacts to the world around us. So, for instance, melanin which determines the colour of our skin, is one type of protein. Collagen, which gives our skin strength, is another type of protein. But many other factors go to produce your particular skin type. Genes however can make you more, or hopefully less, prone to wrinkles.

Why We Get Wrinkles

Wrinkles appear at first, and in most numbers, on sun exposed areas of the face, neck, and forearms. This gives us a clue about what we need to do to minimise wrinkles. Broad spectrum sun screens with a SPF of at least 30 helps block the UVA and UVB rays emitted by the sun that do so much damage and cause lines and wrinkles. Sun screens are not just a stand alone product but are often contained within other face products such as moisturisers, some skin tone primers, foundations and other facial products .

Wrinkle Treatments

There are lots of good products with contents that defend your skin against the bad sun rays. A good SPF facial moisturiser factor 25 is CeraVe and its cheap. Murad Essential-C Day Moisturiser with a higher factor of 30. It is also good but has a higher price tag.

Clnique’s superdefence age defence eye cream SPF 20 helps prevent skin damage around the eyes and moisturises the area.

Moisturisers help plump up older skin and can add a film on top of the skin that helps prevent moisture loss especially important for people with dry skin. Most skin products are only superficially absorbed into the skin.

Moisturised skin gives the appearance of a healthier looking surface with less lines. I am reliably informed that a good cheap body oil is Nivea 4 in 1 Firming Body Oil  . Nivea also says it firms up the skin too! I am giving it a go.

Sanctuary Spa Protect Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil is a cheap and effective skin plumper that goes under foundations and sunscreens.

Sali Huges in the Guardian recommends Avene Cleanance Very High Protection Sunscreen SPF 50 for people with oily skin to protect blemish prone skin. It helps prevent breakouts.

Do’s and Don’ts

Wearing clothes that cover the parts of your body exposed to the sun’s rays. Wear hats, cover your arms and shoulders. Wear loose comfortable clothes. The World Health Organisation offers good sensible advice on sun protection. Most important to take from their advice is that we start protecting our skin from an early age. Children need extra protection. Rates of skin cancer are shooting up. Melanoma, an aggressive and more lethal type of skin cancer is though to be caused by harmful UV rays.

Smoking accelerates the raging process by changing the supply of blood to the skin. It is never too late to stop smoking. It also considerably improves your overall health and gives you a much better quality of life in older age because you can breath properly!

Eating a healthy diet will help too. There is evidence that certain vitamins in your diet help. Eat regular amounts of fruit and vegetables.

Exercise is good for everything in measured amounts !

So we can do some things that help minimise fine lines. Thats positive. One thing I can positively do for you is save you lots of money! Most dermatologists agree that there is little evidence that more expensive face products work any better than a basic good quality moisturiser. But I suppose that’s where human psychology comes in. If you believe you can see and feel the difference then maybe that can boost confidence and they are worth paying more for.

With all the research going into genetics and body functions, the immune system etc., it won’t be long until even old skin will snap back into position and old cells will be a thing of the past. Lets hope they find equally successful ways of brain cell rejuvenation otherwise we are really going to be in a lot of trouble!

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