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writeSo you want to write about travel. Travel writing is a competitive industry but rewarding. Here we discuss several tips for travel writers hoping that you can make your dreams come true.

There are many styles of writing and finding your niche is the only real challenge. These days the successful travel writers tell stories, anecdotes and experiences in a personal and witty way. They share practical information in an easy to read colloquial language.

Here are my tips for travel writers:

Let your personality shine through your writing.

Write from your own point of view sharing your experience on the subject, especially the aspects that inspired you to write the article. This sets your writing apart from all the other earlier writers. Only you can write like you write. Live the research.

Let your humour come through your writing.

Everybody has a unique sense of humour and view comical events differently. Find a way to make your readers laugh (out loud). Include your funny anecdotes especially your misfortunes. People love reading about the misfortune of others.

Let you mind think as the reader thinks.

Always put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Answer the questions: Who are my readers? What are they like? What do my readers want to read? Only when you have reasonable answers to these questions do you start to write.

Let your writing be clear and have a focus.

All good writing has a central focus (and many other points). In travel writing the central focus is usually a place, an activity or experience. Before editing, it is helpful to refocus on the main theme. Let the sub-themes run through but open and close the main theme. Include quotes from other people to strengthen your case.

Let your writing be balanced

This is a difficult one to explain. A balanced approach has some humour, some serious content, some anecdotal stories, some descriptive content, some commentary etc. The balance depends on the readers. If writing for a magazine, follow their guidelines. However, for freelance writers, this is all about experience.

Let your writing be unpredictable.

Become an unbiased traveller. Enjoy the journey and try new experiences. Get out of your comfort zone and be involved. Surprise your reader with this out of the ordinary, personally experienced information.

Travel writing is fun, especially when researching in exotic places with wonderful people. Many people dream of the travel writer’s lot. Have a go. You never know how far you will go.

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