How to Define Your Personal style


styleDo you ever find yourself staring into your over packed closet, saying “I have nothing to wear”, and you hate everything in your closet… and wonder where all your clothes have gone? 

Well there are several reasons this happens.

  •  Your closet is filled with impulse buys or sale items.
  • They are very trendy pieces that have gone out of style.
  • They never fit you well or still need to be altered.
  • You never asked yourself, what is my personal style?

Time to re-evaluate your style

Is it time to re-evaluate your personal style? If you never have or it’s been more the 5 years since you really looked at your wardrobe, it’s time. When trying to figure out your current style, and what will work for you, you need to assess your life today; what does a day in your life look like.

  • Are you a stay at home mom running after small children most of the day?
  • Are you a student who spends long hours in the classroom and library?
  • Are you a professional and your office has become your second home?

Are all things to consider.

You must also be honest with yourself about your personality and habits; If you know you hate to hand wash, iron or drop things off at the dry cleaners remember these things are not going to change and become part of your routine just because you changed your clothing style, so keep an eye on care labels when buying something new.

How to define your personal style

To help you define your personal style, start a simple style journal by clipping pictures out of magazines and catalogs or create a special style inspiration board on Pinterest. Find out-fits that reflect the image you would like to project.

Make a list of what you need to buy to start or fill-out your collection.

Invest in some basic pieces of what you consider your style (preppy, glamorous, bohemian etc). Buy high quality interchangeable multi use pieces that fit you well and flatter your body. Avoid supper trendy items until you have your base pieces in hand, and then add one or two trendy pieces as your “current season” splurge.

You can extend the life of your base pieces by updating your Accessories, things like a new handbag, or statement necklace are sure to get noticed.

Remember your goal is to find outfits that make you feel confident, comfortable and sexy while projecting your true personality and style.

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