Love your imperfections

Is a full moon no longer stunning on a starless night just because it has countless spots and craters? To be happy with your imperfections, you need to see things from a different perspective.

While perfection is always the goal, it takes time and patience to become a master in any skill. And on the flip side, once perfection has been attained, can we be sure we would now be happy? Once you’ve reached the zenith of knowledge and perfection, you will have nothing else to explore, no truth left to find, no passion left to recreate.

Here are some basic points that would keep you content even with all your imperfections:

  • Good and Bad Are Two Opposite Sides Of A Coin

One definitely fails to impress without the presence of another. Judging someone to be good or bad clearly depends upon the perspective of an individual. What is good to an individual might be bad to the other and vice-versa. Change your perspective if that’s going to make you happier.

  • Being Loyal and Grateful Provides A Sense Of Reconciliation

Creating a journal about how grateful you are for what you have and listing them as your priorities will ensure a better future for yourself. Remember it’s only you who can influence yourself.

  • Deflate the Ego

Blinding ego is a fatality which can be curbed easily if you can stop contemplating what others think of you. Start thinking about yourself, concentrate on your actions, and strive to become the best version of who you want to be.

  • Talk It Out

Sometimes a discussion with someone who has gone through a lot in life can be beneficial. Once you realize your problems are too miniscule as compared to the sufferings of the world, you will sense gratitude, look up to the stars, and be thankful for all that you’ve got (and not what you lack).

  • Keep Yourself Healthy

A healthy body is one of the possible ways to attain self-motivation, self-consciousness and a vigorous soul. Eating and sleeping habits must be maintained in order to oppose any adverse effect taking place inside the body. Yoga is also a form of exercise aiding to a better health and a serene soul.

  • Let Go of Past Mistakes

Sometimes we beat ourselves up too much over mistakes made in the past. Try to forgive and forget all the unhappiness and instead, thank and love the lessons those mistakes brought.

At the end of the day, imperfection is not a problem: the need for perfection is. Perfection ignites pride inside an individual. So, to counter that, create a boundary for yourself with happy people within the walls.

Do not take insults negatively because these insults will continuously assist you in your personal development and improvement of your skills. Most importantly, know that the only person you can control is yourself, and by accepting who you are at the core, you’ll learn to be happy with what you have—imperfections and all.

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