How to handle a separation with a family mediator

Marriage can, at times, be challenging. The ups and downs of married life are a normal part of life. However, at times problems can arise within a marriage that means that separation is the only option left.

While this may be a difficult and highly emotional time for a couple and family members involved, there are ways to help get you through this process. If handled sensitively by a trained professional, family mediation can help couples communicate and get through this difficult time.

Family mediation involves meeting with an independent, trained professional who can help you come to agreements on important topics such as children, property, finance, and other assets. This process requires both parties to be involved in the process. It can offer alternative methods such as shuttle mediation to ensure everyone feels comfortable.

Normal mediation sessions will cover child arrangements, encouraging cooperative parenting so that the children’s needs are always put first. Mediating finances and property will involve thoroughly going through the separation of money and assets in a way that keeps you at the forefront of all decisions made. A healthy separation requires excellent communication. With the help of a mediator who helps with communication, all parties can finalize both the legal and essential family relationship elements of the separation process. Some of the most valued benefits of family mediation include the financial benefits, avoiding the court costs of a lengthy legal battle, and less parental conflict and increased cooperation. For more information check out the following infographic.

infographic design by Family Mediation

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