How to Find Your Purpose in Life

how to find your purpose in life
Have you ever woken up to a feeling of emptiness, thinking “what am I doing with my life?”. This un-fulfilment is something that you can push to the back of your mind, but it will keep creeping back, slowly but surely until it consumes you.

It’s okay to feel like you’ve lost your way a little in life, it’s knowing how to feel as though you have a purpose that is the secret to fulfilment and happiness. Here are some simple changes you can make to give you a sense of completion, value and purpose…

Follow Your Heart:

If you’re currently sitting at a desk, in a job that you hate, in an industry that you don’t care about, then start to make changes. Our time is precious and if you are spending yours in a job that doesn’t give you a sense of satisfaction, then why waste your time? Our stories are made by our own choices, and if something isn’t going right, then it is okay to leave. Make new stories, make new memories, work in new and exciting places. You are essentially in control of your fate, so seek to do something that you feel passionate about.

Memories Before Money:

Having the latest smartphone or laptop or car can feel great, but how quickly does the sparkle and feeling of newness fade? So many people get into a cycle of living to work, rather than working to live, and favouring material possessions over relationships. Be sure to make time for yourself and do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t get to the point where you look back on life and have any regrets. If your life is too work-centric, then everything becomes monotonous and difficult. Be sure to interject a little bit of spontaneity into your life, visit the countries you have always wanted to visit, see the people you have always wanted to see and say the things you have always wanted to say. Laugh often and be sure to smell the roses.  

Build Relationships:

You could have the latest smartphone, the flashiest car, the biggest mansion, and 10 holiday homes in the most exotic destinations… But unless you have family and friends to share them with, you will still end up being lonely and unhappy. You will live a far happier life if you invest time into building and maintaining relationships with your loved ones. Stop watching so much TV, or allowing yourself to become consumed by social media, and focus on the real people in front of you. Always make time for those you care about, put your family first and forgive and forget.

Although quality is sometimes better than quantity when it comes to friendship, you should make a substantial effort to nurture the relationships you currently have and always make rooms for new ones.

Many people believe that their purpose in life is to raise a family, and this could be something you want to do in order to fulfil your life. It could be that this doesn’t feel like an option for you, for example if you haven’t found the right life partner to have a family with yet, or it could be for medical reasons. Instead of giving up if this is your dream, there are other options such as IVF treatment or you may choose to foster a child. Of course it could be that you simply don’t want children at all, in which case you will have a different life experience.

Your life is your own story to create, so be sure that it is something you would want to read out loud to others. Choose love, choose happiness, choose yourself.

Alice Porter is a writer who works with Lorimer Foster to raise awareness for mental illness and help broken families

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