How To Be Grateful for Where You Are In Life

Do you ever question where you are on your life path? Maybe think you should be somewhere else or further along already? If you do, you’re not alone. Many of us wonder if we perhaps took a wrong turn somewhere. The truth is that you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

Many people don’t like to hear this because they don’t believe it to be true. Even if it’s not true, what if you shifted our belief system for a day and told yourself

I am right where I’m supposed to be and I am grateful for the journey.

I encourage you to try that. As you do, keep these three very important truths in mind:

1) Consider How Far You’ve Come

We have a tendency to look at where we’re not instead of where we are. Consider how far you’ve come on this journey.

When we look at things from that perspective, we see what we didn’t see before: That we have actually made tremendous progress.

2) Let the Past Go

Let it go. How? Look forward, not backward. The past doesn’t define who you are. The present does.

And you get to redefine yourself every day. Isn’t that fantastic? You aren’t who you were yesterday. You are who you are right here, right now.

3) Visualize What You Want

If you want out of the job you’re stuck in, or you want to emulate health inside and out, visualize it.

What do you look like? What does the new job look like? Create a movie in your mind and embrace it. Imagery is quite powerful, and has been said to be a huge factor in the lives of successful people.

4) Be Kind To Yourself

You know how you call yourself an idiot or a dunce from time to time? It’s time to change how you treat yourself. Be kind. You’re not an idiot. You just made a mistake. You’re not a dunce, you just forgot something.

Change the way you address yourself and before long, you’ll actually appreciate who you are and where you are on this journey.

Right now, take out pen and paper and write these things down, starting with your accolades.

What have you done, big or small, to move you toward your goal? Discount nothing.

Every step matters. You matter.

So get visualizing, and before long, you will be ever so grateful for where you are on this incredible journey.

Joleene Moody is a PositivityGuides writer and Robbins-Madanes interventionist, specializing in offering information that helps readers shift their mindset quickly in order to improve their lives.

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