How I Overcame my Battles with the Lows

I am an avid reader of Positivity Guides articles and when I saw the ‘your story’ section I began to really think about my own life. There are days that I find easy and others that I find incredibly hard. I would consider myself a happy person that needs a little guidance along the path to happiness.

So why have I written to positivity? What have I really overcome?

Then it hit me. I have, like so many others, overcome a great deal: rejection, relationship woes, a broken heart, bullying, jealousy, anger, loss of trust and self-consciousness.

My story is not about one clear battle but how I would consider my life as a clear series of highs and lows and how I overcame my battles with the lows.

There is a point, I believe, when all of the small things can build and eventually you either fold under them or grow from them. I believe I grew and I did this in a number of ways:

  • Developing a little more self-control.
  • Taking pride in my work and my actions, if no one else was going to recognise my hard work I sure as hell was!
  • Being frank and honest at the start of a relationship. I got fed up of the, ‘oh I better wait a few hours to reply because he waited a few hours’ approach and decided if I was interesting enough it wouldn’t matter.
  • I started to scratch the surface of other peoples lives and realised most the time they didn’t have their S*** together any more than I did. We were all blagging adulthood in our special ways.
  • I replaced jealousy with self-worth. Yes, she may have had amazingly long legs and a head of hair to make Kylie jealous, but do you know what, it turns out she was jealous of my figure and I hadn’t even realised it!

To summarise, I tried to take all those girly stereotypes of what I was supposed to be, put them in a bag and I beat them with a rolling pin until what came out was a more levelled, happier person.

I am not sure if my story will get published but I do hope it helps someone out their to realise that it is only you that can set your own standards.

Love from,

A Positivity Guides lover. 

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