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Five health appointments you should never miss

Life is busy, but it’s never too busy to take a moment and look after yourself. When you spend a lot of time at work, it’s easy to get lost in the day and forget yourself.

You’ve got a social life to think about, a family to worry about and you’ve got a career to build, health appointments just don’t seem so vital, do they?

Except it’s your health. You can’t keep up the same pace with your lifestyle and your job if you’re not healthy enough to do it.

When we are stressed, we get run down quite easily as the body tries to deal with the physical manifestation of stress.

You should be mindful of your own health and self-care is so important, but there are a few essential health appointments that you should never miss out on – no matter what. Here they are:


Routine Appointments

Every six months or so, you should be getting your eyes checked at the optician and your teeth checked at places like Shawlands Dental Care.

You should also be getting your blood pressure checked out, cholesterol checked, and your skin checked – especially if you have moles. More often than not, you’re going to be told that all is well and healthy.

However, if there was an issue, wouldn’t you want it picked up on quickly? Us, too.


Physio Sessions

Desk jobs can be tiring, but they’re also a strain on the body. Going to physiotherapy sessions as recommended by your doctor is vital for you to feel back to your best. If you’ve been prescribed physio, try not to miss it.

After all, it’s you who will suffer.


Follow Ups

You’ve had all your regular routine appointments, but the follow up is so important. Even if you feel well and you don’t feel like you need it, you need it.

Don’t waste time if you’ve been booked a follow up appointment; get yourself the seal of approval.



Not just for babies, your job may require you to have your vaccinations up to date. Nurses, especially, have to ensure that their boosters are done with care and early so that they can continue to practice safely. You should also be looking at the flu vaccination every year, so research that, too.



Obviously, you won’t have much choice about missing an emergency appointment because they happen in the moment.

However, even an emergency requires you to stick it out. Some hospital accident and emergency departments have long wait times, but it’s always better to be in the right place and waiting than leave!

Health and self-care should be at the top of your priority list in life, right alongside your good fashion sense and your career.

You should never feel like you are sick all the time, so if you are getting run down due to the stresses of life, it’s time get checked and re-evaluate where you are with things. This way, you can be right on the road to recovery.


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