Easy, Cheap, Nutritious Meals for Students



Students meals are the stuff of legend. Half empty packs of cereal, pizza and burger boxes littering the furniture. It’s easy to do but there’s a point where it gets boring and expensive. Maybe you’ve never cooked before or maybe you simply don’t know where to start.

Here are a few examples for nutritious cheap meals which can be made easily. Once you buy the stuff there are plenty of easy to follow recipes online.

Vegetable stir-fry with rice: 

make a vegetable stir fry by adding brown or white rice and vegetables of choice. Throw in chicken pieces or eggs to make it even more delicious. There are sachets or bottles of sauce to buy which will add flavour.


A powerful source for proteins, eggs can do wonders. Eggs can be hard-boiled easily and used in salads or sandwiches. Scrambled eggs as as complicated as putting eggs a little salt and butter into a bowl and nuking them in the microwave for a few minutes.


Whole-wheat or multigrain pasta is quite cheap and contains a good amount of calories, protein and fibre in each serving. Pasta can be made in a number of ways and substituted in various hot and cold delicious dishes.

Whole wheat Bread:

Whether you are making a simple sandwich or a bread pudding, whole wheat bread can be easily used to prepare numerous dishes. It is quite rich in calories and proteins and is good value for money.


You can use oats in a number of places from stir-fry to cereals. Oats contain a powerful punch of nutrition and come quite cheap.

Non-fat Greek Yoghurt:

Yoghurts are always on sale and you can save a lot buying them. Eat yoghurts for a quick meal or prepare a fruit salad and even smoothies using them.


Everyone knows that spinach is one of the best veggies and contains a load of nutrients for the body. This budget friendly food can be used for preparing salads quickly and can be also served with eggs, casseroles and put in soups and stews.


When it comes to cheap meats chicken is the best option for students. It is simple and quick to microwave and lends itself to sauces, curry or oriental styles mixes.

Dried Lentils:

These can be used in many places to give great taste and nutrients. Soak lentils overnight then add to casseroles, soups, stews, salads etc. Cooking lentils requires a bit extra time but they are really cheap and easy to cook.

So, with these options at hand any student can eat a nutritious cheap meal without burning a hole in their pocket. You also won’t need to manage hours each day for cooking these meals as they can be easily prepared with minimal utensils and accessories.

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