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Easily Make Friends at Your New Workplace


Making friends can be an effort especially in the workplace where lots of friendship groups are already established. The more extrovert you are the easier it may be but making friends in the workplace isn’t too difficult if you’ve got the right strategies. Here are a few easy tips that will help you make more friends at your workplace:

Be the first to say hello

This is the simplest strategy but many people back away from a simple ‘good morning’ or ‘Hi’. Reaching out to someone first is a sure way to set the scene for new friendships and it does not require much effort. When you reach out to your co-worker first, they will be glad to do the same when next you meet. 

Ask about their wellbeing

Many people love someone who gives them a chance to talk about themselves. So when you ask your coworker about how they are doing and how work is treating them, you give them a chance to talk about themselves and in return they will also want to know about your wellbeing. Don’t get too personal or blitz them with annoying questions. It’s better to start gently and build up than broadside someone with questions.

Consider adding some co-workers on social media

You don’t want to look as though you are stalking people but social media can be a way of befriending. Then you can comment on or ‘like’ their updates and move towards talking to them in person as regards to say a picture you spotted on their timeline. With that you end up creating a friendship connection without much struggle.

Don’t Overshare

As much as sharing some personal information about yourself can help in trust building, sharing too much too quickly can put a co-worker off. In the beginning you can start by sharing personal information on general topics like hobbies, your favourite football team or your favourite vacation destinations. Leave more personal details for a later time.

Be the person you’d like to be friends with

Before you embark on making friends in the workplace you may need to work on yourself first. Ensure that you are the kind of person you would not mind being friends with. If you value discretion, honesty, level-moods and so on, you can’t be something different. It’s true that sometimes opposites attract but we’re much more likely to connect with others we have things in common with.

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