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    Self-confidence boosters for teens

    Whether you’re a male or female teen, your self-confidence is important. While the emphasis is often on girls’ self-esteem, boys need to be confident, too, and often struggle just as much (although perhaps in different areas). Read more


    Toni Morrison talks happiness

    Nobel prize winner, professor, essayist, editor, novelist and provider of stunning one-liners! The death of Toni Morrison puts a hole in our lives. We now rely on her comments and literature to continue to prick our collective consciences
    Read more


    How to let go of the past and the pain

    Giving yourself permission to let go of the past is an important first step to moving on.  By committing to this release, your mind can focus on more positive and productive areas. That release comes in the form of telling yourself to let go. Read more


    Budgeting for the idle

    A budget is a necessary evil, even for the idle amongst us. If you are one of those individuals that would rather pay a late fee or use a credit card to buy gas and incur the extra dollar amount, there is good news. Read more


    How to be a proper flirt

    Flirting is a perfectly normal and natural way to show another person we are interested in them. Flirting is no more than a set of signals we use naturally. The only difference is, we give them a little boost. Read more