Achieving peak performance


When you hear the term “peak performance” what comes to mind? It can sound like some fancy scientific based stuff based on complex behind the scenes operations like top athletes go through to do their best when the everything is on the line.

In reality, achieving peak performance is more simple than that. One has to lay out the beliefs, habits, and principles and take the appropriate actions that align with them to do the best humanly possible.

Mindset matters

Many believe that whatever happens in life just happens and that they have zero control over destiny. This is a significant thing that will keep you from obtaining your goals and dreams. For those types, it makes perfect sense in their brains because additional effort does not improve results, it is already set what will happen.

It is critical to adapt to a growth mindset, that is the first step that opens your mind and the universe up to the possibility of performing extraordinarily in the chosen path.

Achieving peak performance

Here are some of the most important things you can do for achieving peak performance:

  • Have a “growth” mindset – You have to believe that you can obtain the skills you need if you are not quite there yet. If you have a “fixed” mindset, you believe that you are as smart as you will ever be and will not get any smarter. Today, more than ever, it is imperative to stay abreast of changes and developments in technologies and other areas because of the whirlwind speed of change we are experiencing.
  • Stay positive – Things inevitably go wrong. It is not a question of if, but rather when. Peak performers know this and are prepared for rebound and take another course of action when the result is not as desired. If negative thoughts come to mind, reframe the thoughts to something more positive and move forward. Do not get stuck by bumps in the road.
  • Get proper sleep and exercise – You can run on fumes for a while, but eventually, you will hit the wall. Try to stay on a consistent exercise regimen and maintain healthy sleep habits. Realize that a fresh mind is more capable know your limits. You can begin to impede your progress at a certain point, and it is better to stop and hit the ground running tomorrow.
  • Don’t be afraid of failure – Although it seems like some people have “Midas” touch and that everything they touch turns to gold; a more in-depth look will reveal that even the best have made their share of mistakes somewhere along the way. The difference is they learned from the mistakes and improved. Most will make the mistakes and at that point start with excuses. Go ahead right now and bury the excuses! Explanations never help performance. Take responsibility and accountability for your actions and persevere.
  • This may be the most crucial part of all – Focus on the process and not the results. Why? It may seem slightly counterintuitive, but if you are doing the right things to succeed the results will follow. Maybe not immediately, but eventually, they will. Results can be deceptive. You may have some sound effects early one, but they may not be sustainable over time. This is why focusing on the process is essential. Fundamentals do not change much over time, but the way we go about doing things does change. Stay focused on the plan and be flexible when things go awry. There are always alternate solutions.

It starts with a desire to perform better than just the average and go the extra mile. You can’t be content with just getting by. Peak performers look to do the best within themselves. The best measuring stick is your previous performances.

Are you getting better and better? Or just going through the motions? Cultivate strong relationships with your inner circle in addition to mentors and team members. Focus on your strengths and allow others to do things that are not your core strengths.

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