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50 Ways to Keep Fit, Healthy, and Stay Positive

50 ways to stay fit, healthy, positive
Stuck for ideas about staying fit, healthy and positive? Well our list of 50 should help things along. You know, there’s a difference between fitness and health, although they often get clumped together as though they are one and the same thing. They certainly compliment each other, but it really is quite possible to be fit yet unhealthy and vice versa. Find the balance and you’ll feel so much more positive.

1. Move the body each day of the week with a view to exercising and being active.

2. Give up drinks such as soda and juice with lots of sugar or corn syrup with high fructose content and never drink all your calories. Drink water, black tea and various teas such as green tea. Avoid chocolate and whip in your coffee.

3. Maintain a food journal online, on paper or with an app. Keeping track makes you accountable and enables you lose weight successfully.

4. Pay attention to your thoughts. Encourage yourself with positivity.

5. Your foodstuff should be close to its natural state. Eat a good diet. That is, foods that are whole and fresh and in a rainbow of colors. 

6. Control body weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. You can monitor each of these at home with the right equipment.

7. Irrespective of the type of exercise, be sure to cool down after warm up. Warm up the muscles in preparation and cool down slowly with rhythmic stretches to reduce soreness, avoid injury and speed up recovery.

8. Concentrate on total fitness. Muscular conditioning and aerobics together with exercises to stretch the body are recommended to promote good posture.

9. Exercise all year round. Don’t abandon your workout routine due to inclement weather. Incorporate new activities, like swimming, snowshoeing, or attend fitness classes.

10. Stop smoking.

11. Don’t take mineral and multi-vitamin supplements. If you need these it suggests there’s a problem with your diet, or you have a medical condition that needs checking out.

12. Break up your cardio into segments of 10 minutes the whole day rather than 20 or 30 minutes workout.

13. Make your exercise fun. Get out of your house and travel to interesting places where you are able to walk around. This enables you to exercise without trying and also allows you to enjoy sight-seeing.

14. Have dumbbells by your TV set and use them.

15. Challenge yourself so as to counteract muscle loss related to age. Perform workouts with challenging resistances that are progressive.

16. Shed off extra calories by parking away from your destination.

17. Give up elevators.

18. Wear glasses with anti-reflective coating to improve your vision.

19. Use an umbrella or wear a visor to protect eyes from the sun.

20. Ask for more veggies.

21. Train the brain by working crossword, Sudoku puzzle or other games that are brain teasing to help improve your mental fitness.

22. Travel the world or local sights for mental stimulation and fun.

23. Volunteering enhances the brain of your health and also gives you an opportunity to utilize your skills and contribute to the community.

24. Take a short nap during the day to boost your energy levels. However, don’t sleep for too long or too close to bedtime. 

25. Do not work in bed as this can make it harder to fall asleep. Separate your work space from your sleep space to prevent insomnia.

26. Get sufficient sleep at night. On average, your body need around eight hours of sleep. Although this may be a challenge, try to sleep fully whenever you get the chance.

27. Adhere to a schedule. With so many classes and working hours every day, you may find it difficult to stick to a particular schedule, however, keeping your sleeping times similar each day may enhance your chances of getting quality sleep greatly.

28. Praise yourself and reduce self-criticism. Be confident for a healthier outlook.

29. Take allocated breaks rather than sit at your desk or workstation. Use the time to relax and/or stretch your legs.

30. Keep all nighters at bay. Studying all night will only do you a disservice. Insufficient sleep may impair your ability excel, irrespective of how much you’ve studied.

31. Stay away from caffeine, drinking and eating before bedtime. These activities may throw off the body’s clock, so limit caffeine, alcohol and meal consumption just before bedtime.

32. Keep your sleeping area dark and quiet. Keep your room as quiet and dark as possible. This helps to trigger to your body that its bedtime and also helps you stay asleep.

33. Eat brain foods such as nuts, salmon, soy, olive oil, eggs, dairy, leafy greens, meat, oatmeal, dark skinned fruits and oatmeal. They’ll help to keep your mind sharp and your body fit.

34. Music therapy. Use music to decrease aggression and depression, regulate mood, improve sleep and even create new brain cells, as old songs are stored in memory.

35. Incorporate speed to keep the muscles guessing. Lower quickly and lift slowly, or pause in the middle of rep.

36. Ensure things are balanced and work your back as much as you do to your abs to keep the entire core strong.

37. Take a rest. You can do arms Monday, legs Tuesday. The purpose of rest days to allow muscles time to heal and grow stronger.

38. Include proteins in smoothies. Bi Pro proteins are good since there are no added artificial flavors or added sugars. 

39. Experiment with exercise. It is much easier to perform and stick with things we enjoy. 

40. Wash your hands as simple hand washing will help prevent several illnesses.

41. Don’t share beverages because germs spread easily through sharing of alcohol and drinks. 

42. If you’re sick stay home. We can’t force the pace of ill health but we can help prevent its spread.

43. There’s nothing wrong with a touch of retail therapy if you’re feeling down. 

44. Hanging around healthy people may make you pick their healthy habits.

45. Relax your body. Release your tensions and engage in fun hobby that you enjoy most.

46. Carry your packed lunch to work. Never leave your lunch up to fast food joints around. Pack your healthy lunch and you will know that your food is good for you.

47. Exercise indoors on wet or snowy days. Use the furniture to help with sit ups or other forms of exercise. A good DVD on aerobics is fun, useful and will keep you fit.

48. Rise and dine. Eating breakfast on a daily basis makes you 44% less likely to add unnecessary weight and forty-one percent less likely to develop insulin resistance, which are risk factors for heart disease.

49. Increase your tomato intake. Tomato has lycopene that prevents harmful buildup of cholesterol on the artery walls. 

50. End Back Pain. A set of lower back exercise should be performed for every set of abdominal exercise done. Avoid focusing solely on your abs to prevent lower back pain and poor posture.

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