Why positive affirmations are life changing

Most people go about their everyday activities unaware of the fact that their lives are a result of both their positive and negative affirmations. Affirmations can be loosely defined as anything a person thinks or says.

Unfortunately, what people typically think and say is negative and only works to create bad life situations or experiences, for them.

Negative affirmations

These cause us to live under an irrational fear of taking risks or trying new things. This effectively disables us by stopping us from truly achieving the quality of life that we could achieve. Furthermore, negative thoughts compel us to seek confirmation from our immediate surroundings that the universe is inherently dangerous and anxiety provoking.

Positive affirmations

On the other hand, positive affirmations are constantly seeking validation that the universe is a terrific place. For this reason, it is important that we retrain our thoughts, behaviors and speech from negative to positive patterns and release all of their life limitations.

Maintaining a positive mental attitude enables us to seek out, as well as, expect positive results. Unlike a negative thinker, a person with a positive mental attitude believes that most of the objects that he/she may desire are attainable. This is due to the fact that their positive attitude towards life inspires them to take the necessary actions that are needed in order for them to achieve or obtain the objects of their desire.

The negative thinker, on the other hand, bases his/her actions on scarcity and fear rather than on the possibilities that have been presented to them to change their current situation.

Change your life with positive affirmations

It is possible to change our entire life for the better just through beliefs and thoughts. The power of positive affirmations is based on the principle which believes that the mind is man’s most powerful tool.

In this regard, what the mind thinks, the body does. A great example of the power of the brain can be seen in dreams. When we sleep and experience a nightmare, the body reacts as if the threat in the dream is real. The individual experiencing the dream may wake up sweating and gasping for breath. What the brain imagines was happening resulted in a physical body reaction. Considering this fact, individuals who continuously use positive affirmations in their speech and thoughts have high energy levels; have greater emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Start the day with affirmations

It is best for us to start their day with positive, vibrant thoughts and words because starting the day this way tends to bring about a multiplier effect throughout the day and has a positive effect on almost every aspect of life.

Positive affirmations further give us the capability to move past a grim present and look forward to a much brighter future devoid of the numerous constraints that are brought about by negative thinking.

Those who practice mindfulness in their thoughts and speech are never limited by their fear of failure. This is because true, positive affirmations maintain the conviction that one can transform their difficult situations onto much easier, happier and more successful ones.

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