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Tips to help with combating nervousness

We all have our weaknesses, and one feeling that can mess with how we perform in life is nerves. We feel nerves when we’re maybe out of depth, or there’s a lot that’s riding on getting it right.

Nerves are good for the adrenaline that you feel once you’re in that moment, so use it to your advantage. Here are some to help with combating nervousness.

Remember To Breath

Breathing is something we all do, it’s how we survive. However, sometimes we can forget this when we’re feeling nervous and when this feeling hits, your breathing changes and likely becomes more short and shallow. That’s probably why your heart is beating ten times faster than it’s normal rate and why you’re feeling slightly light-heated. A good way to combat the nerves is to practise some breathing techniques. There are plenty of techniques and resources out there to look into, but it’s finding the one that suits and works for you, that’s important.

Find A Friendly Face In The Crowd

This is relevant for whenever you may be giving a speech in front of a large audience. Many people will you to imagine everyone is naked, but surely that’ll make you feel even more uncomfortable. A sea of naked bodies in front of you, might not be the best advice to give. However, paying attention to your audience, that’s the important part.

When giving a speech, take a moment to find that friendly face in the room. It could be whilst you’re waiting to go on, or it could be as you’re greeting everyone within the room. Find that one person or a handful of people who are smiling back at you. Those are the people in the audience who are instantly going to make you feel better because they’re not sitting there stoney-faced and as if they are scrutinising every word that’s coming out of your mouth.

Talk To Someone In Confidence

When you feel like you’re on your own with these feelings, it’s always a good idea to share these feelings with someone you trust. A lot of nerves and anxiety issues are things that build up in your head, and even though it’s a safe situation that you’re in, it can likely feel terrifying. So look at your friendship groups or find someone you trust to talk about how you feel in confidence. Being able to talk it out with someone can be very therapeutic, and it’s someone else’s advice that might be useful to have to make yourself feel more in control.

Try Alternative Medicines And Supplements

Nerves and anxiety, in general, can be hard to deal with if it’s something that happens on a regular basis. Certain situations may trigger this feeling, and so if it seems like nothing else is working, certain supplements and alternative medicines might be worth looking into. It’s important to do your research when it comes to ingesting any type of medicine or supplement because you may not know what effects it has on your body. That’s why a better understanding of terpenes is needed before you go taking it yourself. Consult with your doctor and discuss the options that you currently have in front of you.

Find Your Mantra

Words can have a powerful effect on the way you feel, and self-confidence is often what you need when you’re feeling unsure of yourself. A mantra is a saying or sentence that you repeat to yourself, and it either provides you with comfort or the attitude change that you need in order to feel good about yourself. You can often be your own worst critic and being nervous is a lot about being in your head and questioning your value. These situations where nerves and anxiety rise up can take some figuring out in order to take control but trying out a mantra might work for you. It doesn’t need to be simple, just something you can say under your breath or in your head before you step into the spotlight to give that speech or to enter a room where there are lots of people.

Being and feeling nervous is not a weakness, it is something we all feel at various points in our life. And even though it can feel pretty terrifying, it’s an emotion and feeling that we can often use to our advantage if we allow it. Figure out what works best for you and find that solution that will help take control of it, rather than it controlling you.

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