Should I stay or should I go now: responding to kinks in your relationship

All relationships have rocky moments. However, when the boat of love is stuck in testing waters, you will probably wonder whether it’s even possible to prevent it capsizing.

In truth, there is no one right or wrong answer. Some rocky relationships can be steered back to the right path, but others are beyond saving. Here’s how to find out whether yours is destined to sink or swim.

Realise The Media Isn’t Real

Human nature dictates that we all subconsciously compare ourselves to others. Relationships are an aspect that certainly fall under this category. Unfortunately, thanks to social media and TV, the expectations are now quite unreasonable.

Friends and celebrities may post their perfect relationships on social media. Away from the camera, though, everyone has their issues. Therefore, working together through the low points is vital. Accepting that you each have faults is another crucial step en route to success, as is learning to compromise in the relationship.

Accepting that life isn’t perfect yet committing to work together gives you the very best chance of making things work.

Focus On Yourself

While it’s important to love and support each other, you must not forget yourselves. It’s very difficult to show love when you don’t truly love or appreciate yourself. Focusing on personal goals is equally vital and will improve your life whether love lasts or not.

Paying extra attention to yourself can include starting a new hobby, getting fit, or chasing a new job. The progress made will have a telling impact on your individual life while the added happiness may boost the relationship. If it doesn’t, you can start to analyse the real root of your existing problems before looking to see whether a solution can be found.

There’s nothing worse than being unhappy in love and in your own skin. Sort out the latter, and you should find a solution for the latter too.

See Expert Help

There’s no shame in reaching out for help in this life, especially when it comes to relationships. Marriage counsellors can help couples take stock and find ways to work at their bond or put ultimatums in place.

Naturally, though, not all couples are keen on this idea. Likewise, it won’t be an option if you’re trying to weigh up the situation from an individual perspective before telling your partner. Psychic readings relating to relationships are a very popular alternative. Not least because they can be handled with confidentiality.

Even if you’re sceptical, the information provided can tell you everything. If you are told that the relationship will last and it makes you feel ecstatic, your love is worth fighting for. Conversely, if you are gutted to hear that things will work out, it may suggest it’s time to move on.

The Final Word

Relationships are tough and need regular work if you’re ever going to be happy. However, it is important to accept when love is beyond saving. With a little perspective and suitable analysis, the right solution will soon become clear.

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