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I do it every week; I sit and I watch programmes like Embarrassing Bodies and I say to myself, why, why visit a private doctor and then put yourself on TV?

What is it about sharing that we so willingly do with those we don’t know more than those we do. I love to visit blogs and access the lives of others and I am drawn to Post Secrets weekly page as thousands of postcards arrive on a man’s doorstep containing the most sinister through to the most trivial secrets.

For weeks now I have considered the concept of sharing with those we don’t know and the more I think about it the more often we, as a society, are doing it. Social media, blogs, celebrities, youtube, it is all out the there for the world to see and judge as they see fit.

I began to look into the ‘Science of Sharing’ and it turns out the world is just insanely predictable. Whole teams of people have established exactly what we want from social media clips and feel good anecdotes.

The answer seems to lie in our emotional attachment to each video, advert and joke. Above all what we truly want is the feel good factor. The world wants to know they are not alone and the simple pleasures in life are not forgotten.

So, below I have put together a series of Share and Share alike moments that scientifically speaking should make you feel happier or at least less lonely.

  1. The all famous sneezing panda.
  1. Cats over glass tables.
  1. BBC Walk on the Wild Side redubbed.
  1. Post Secrets
  1. Happiness Is….

By Sophie

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