Quiz: Have You Got a Playful Mindset?

playful mindset

Have you got a playful mindset? Just how silly and playful can you be? Are you open to opportunities for fun or do you find other things keep getting in the way of a good time? Well, here’s your chance to find out. Take our interactive Playful Mindset quiz and see how you stack up.

Welcome to your Have You Got a Playful Mindset?

Life is hard; a struggle mostly.

1 out of 36

I have a lot of fun when I work

2 out of 36

I seem to worry quite a lot

3 out of 36

My mental health improves when I'm having fun

4 out of 36

Having fun seems to get me into trouble

5 out of 36

I can laugh at myself when I make a mistake

6 out of 36

I get overwhelmed by responsibilities

7 out of 36

I take responsibilities seriously, but myself lightly

8 out of 36

When I'm having fun so are the people around me

9 out of 36

If I try to do something just for fun it feels like time wasted

10 out of 36

I love adventures, big or small

11 out of 36

I'm not a playful person because there is too much to do

12 out of 36

I put off doing fun activities because I don't have time

13 out of 36

I'm grateful for my life and I try to make every moment count

14 out of 36

When I'm with a group of people it takes me a while to relax

15 out of 36

Trying to be funny feels to risky

16 out of 36

People think I'm stupid or foolish if I try to make them laugh

17 out of 36

I'm thought of as a positive and upbeat person

18 out of 36

The people I work with are poker-faced types with no sense of fun

19 out of 36

If I'm having fun I seem to make others uncomfortable

20 out of 36

I spend my time with fun-loving people

21 out of 36

I look for what might be wrong in a situation before I look for what's right

22 out of 36

I can make people laugh

23 out of 36

I grew up in a place that knew no fun

24 out of 36

I have a sunny disposition

25 out of 36

I laugh easily

26 out of 36

When things go wrong I can eventually find the funny side

27 out of 36

I feel guilty if I start enjoying myself

28 out of 36

I'm a 'glass half-empty' type of person

29 out of 36

My sense of fun seems to hurt or offend people

30 out of 36

I'm less self-conscious when I'm having fun

31 out of 36

I like to stay in control. Having fun can be too chaotic

32 out of 36

I balance work with play

33 out of 36

I make some time for myself every day

34 out of 36

Most women aren't funny

35 out of 36

Women's sense of fun is just as good as men's

36 out of 36

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