Quiz: Check Your Assertiveness

assertion quiz
Assertiveness is about standing up for our own rights while at the same time not trampling on the rights of others.  If we fail to stand up for our own rights there are plenty of circumstances where people will ignore us. Want to check your own assertiveness? Then take the quiz:

 Check Your Assertiveness

I can ask other people to do things without feeling self-conscious, awkward or guilty.
If I say 'no' to something I don't want to do, I can do so without feeling anxious or worried.
I am confident speaking to large groups of people.
I can confidently express my honest feelings to authority figures.
If I feel strong emotions (anger, disappointment, frustration) I verbalise them easily.
I am comfortable speaking up in front of people.
I can tell others when their behaviour is creating a problem for me.
Meeting new people in social situations is something I do with ease.
When discussing my own beliefs I can do so without saying the opinions of others are stupid or without merit.
I assume that most people are competent and trustworthy and do not have difficulty delegating tasks to others.
I feel confident I can learn new skills, even though I've never done them before.
I believe my needs are as important as those of others.

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