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I’m Mili, and I am going to introduce you to what I call my evolving closet. These are timeless pieces that you should never be without. They can be mixed or matched with what you already have, as well as new items you buy along the way.

Fashion basics

There are some fashion basics that every girl needs in her closet. I like to buy items of clothing I like, feel and look good in, all in several of my favorite shades or designs. I prefer simple dresses, skirts, and tops that I can mix and match, dress up or dress down.

Everyone wants to have their own look, but it seems nearly all the outfits you put together at the local department stores are basically the same. It is actually easier to dress up a pair of jeans and have your own look than to buy a totally unique matching outfit. You can certainly define your personal style on a budget!

However, no one wants to wear jeans every day, and with these fashion ideas, you don’t have to!Most of these items, you probably already have in your closet – so before you go out spring shopping, do a bit of spring cleaning and see what you have in there.

Having your own style and fashion identity is really easy when you know and have the basics in your closet. You will never walk into a room, or on the street looking just like everyone else again. Most of these ideas can go from school or work to dinner or drinks after work.You are not just unique, you are fashion pique.

Bottoms up!

3 printed skirts – florals, polka-dots, or other small print in multi-shades – preferably to match the t-shirts above. Hint: buy skirts first, then Ts)

Check these out!

  • 3 pairs of your favorite high-waist skinny jeans – black, blue, and tan. *white for summer
  • 1 pair boyfriend jeans (extra credit for hole in knee)

Dress it up!

  • 1 black t-shirt dress
  • 1 white/neutral t-shirt dress
  • 1 floral print slip dress
  • 1 dotted print slip dress
  • 1 long slip skirt – neutral shade

Who says less is more?


  • 1 chunky stone necklaces
  • 2 chunky stone bracelets
  • 1 black choker – plain.


Here you have an entire wardrobe that is anything but short on fashion, and it will not leave you short on funds.

Having an evolving closet is not only a money saver, it is a time saver! Just have all like-items hanging together and you with just pull from 2-3 racks, you have your outfit and are out the door in no time!

Another great tip I have… take photos of your favorite ensembles, that way the next time you are stuck for an outfit, instead of trying on six different items, look through that Folder of Fashion Faves!

For early spring, a simple skirt and light sweater combo

You can find all these fashion not-so-basics at the following stores (shhh! and even the thrift store!)

  • Target
  • Old Navy
  • American Eagle
  • Dress-up
  • Francesca’s
  • Marshalls
  • TJ Max

The great thing about spring is we start to feel a bit more casual, and our weekends start to really rev up. The bad thing about spring is the weather can be a bit temperamental. However, with the right mix of clothing and styles, you will be able to outsmart any wily old weather forecast.

For early to late spring, it is never easy to tell what the weather is going to do… but, you don’t have to be clueless with these fashion ideas!


When you know how to mix and match, you really make a play on fashion!

A little cover and you won’t be too cool!

1 denim/chambray shirt
1 denim jacket
2 long cardigans – 1 off-white; 1 black
2 long cardigans – two favorite colors to match skirts/dresses

Your best foot forward!

1 pair short boots – black
1 pair short boots – brown
1 pair flat sandals – black
1 pair flat sandals – brown
1 pair of high heeled pumps- black
1 pair heeled sandals – black
1 pair heeled sandals – brown


The Cherry on top!

  • 1 long string pearls (faux or real)
  • 2 long silver pendant necklace
  • Silver bangle bracelets

Now for a few last words of wisdom.

  • Never underestimate the power of solids
  • Never say no to neutrals
  • Know your colors
  • Know your fabrics
  • Read the label (don’t buy if you know you won’t take care of it)
  • Collect accessories that are timeless
  • Try it on in the store, take a selfie- but only snap the photo from the neck down. Trust me. Do it.
  • Don’t ever buy anything that is just a tad too snug -for when you lose that extra 5.
  • Take a good friend, not the one who is nice. That other one.
  • Set your budget and stick to it.
  • Only buy what feels good on you, and what makes you feel good in it.

You are probably all excited now to hit the stores and start shopping for your great fashion finds.

Remember, before you do –

  • Do a spring clear out of your own closet.
  • Sell the stuff you know you will never wear, or trade with a friend. There are apps now where you can snap a photo, post, price, and presto, it is sold!
  • Don’t put all those light colored sweaters away just yet, spring is about layering.
  • Leather boots will take you all the way to mid-spring teamed up with a flippy floral skirt or dress.
  • Take a second look at belts and bags

Seriously, being fashionable does not mean being broke, but you can certainly go for broke when you know how to outfit your closet. The evolving closet has been my secret since college when I did not have money. Now that I do, I still shop the same. Good habits should never be broken, and when this comes to fashion, neither will you.

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