How to Stop Procrastinating


108320696The way to stop procrastinating and get something accomplished is: plan out what you want to accomplish, and then begin. Easy! Right? Wiser words have never been spoken.

Except… what if what you have several things that you wish to begin? What if you have goals that you wish to achieve and good ideas on how to make them happen, but aren’t 100% sure how or where to begin? And what if, because of indecision, you just haven’t been able to get started on any of your goals? What should you do?

Well, that’s what I was faced with, and I didn’t want to become the Queen of Procrastination. I was raring to go like a race car, all pistons fired up, humming and all I needed to do was put that bad boy in “drive” and get going. Yet I had been stuck in “park” or “neutral” out of fear because I didn’t want to go speeding off in the wrong direction. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this issue: procrastination from fear of making a huge mistake.

Here was my situation in a nutshell: I had all of these experiences and ideas that I had been sitting on for years which I knew should be written for others to read. I had even taken the advice of self help articles that advised: if you tell others your plans, that makes all of you take those plans seriously and hold you accountable, thus kick starting you into action.

That’s good advice and I followed it, except that did not necessarily send me into the stratosphere of action.

I found that I got stuck on perfection. I found myself asking the same questions that others ask themselves when trying to embark on something new: will this be accepted? Will people that I know accept these things from me? How can I do this without making any mistakes? And on the questions went.

These questions signify the problem that most people have when they know it’s time to achieve their new goals. What really causes us to procrastinate is wanting to make no mistakes, and worrying about how we will be received by everyone, especially people that we know. Especially if some of your beliefs or actions are outside their realm of experience or belief.

But here is what should be remembered: not everyone is necessarily going to like what you are doing. Why? The reasons vary: you are achieving your dreams and this often causes others to believe that you think you’re now better than them (although you don’t); your actions to achieve causes them to note their own shortcomings and they resent you for it; while you are growing and changing they are remaining the same, and that can breed sadness, unfamiliarity and, again, resentment. To them, you’re not “you” anymore. How dare you have the audacity to change, right?

In response to these reactions, you will need to exercise patience. You will also need to accept that sometimes as you grow and change, not everyone will ascend those new heights with you, whether they’re happy for you or not.You will have to grieve those losses and let them go, and they may or may not come around later, but don’t sit around waiting for it. Just like you wouldn’t keep trying to put on clothes that no longer fit, the same will have to hold true for some friendships: they no longer fit, so let them go.

You will also find that you make new friends, acquaintances, and mentors along the way who fit the person that you’re growing into, as well as those who have gone through what you’re experiencing now. Support also comes when you least expect it.

And as far as being afraid to make mistakes, don’t be. Part of the experience of achieving your dreams involves making mistakes. Those mistakes make you stronger, seasoned, and more successful in the end. The most successful people in the world have no problems letting you know that they made many mistakes along the path to their success, and that the key to overcoming those mistakes is to learn from them and do better. Mistakes don’t mean an end of your dream. No, mistakes are the doorway to your dreams, goals, success, and new knowledge. My advice would be to embrace the mistakes, even when you want to scream and pull out your hair behind them.

And just like with any new venture, you are taking a huge chance. Y
ou could face: criticism, judgment, ridicule, etc. But you’re also opening yourself up to: understanding, growth, shared stories, and meeting new people. These scary possibilities often cause many to procrastinate and even give up altogether. However, you should open up and receive the positive rather than shut down because of the possible negative. Take the good along with the bad.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Simply take the first step to begin the journey to a life of infinite possibilities. Sure, there will be mistakes and failures along the way, but that’s okay. The whole point is to start-to take the ideas from of your visions and bring them to life. Expand your dreams. No shouldas, wouldas, couldas. No regrets. Do this thing–make it happen!

Talking about it won’t make it happen, and you are now ready to kick procrastination. My fears of beginning are now gone because I took these steps. I hope that this article will be your inspiration to take your first step to your opportunities, dreams realized and fulfillment.

Let your journey begin. Today.

by Cheryl

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