How to Close a Life Chapter Positively


horizonWhether the experience is positive or negative many of us find the closing of a life chapter challenging.Sometimes we find ourselves happy to walk away, other times it is not so easy.

At the end of this week I change jobs. I walk away from a place that has consumed my thoughts and conversations pretty much daily since it began three years ago. Lately I have found myself walking around providing a thoughtful commentary to my life, like Carrie from Sex in the City. Despite my lack of style and an inner city apartment I have been getting – well – sentimental, despite the roller coaster of a ride that comes with a new job.

How do we look to the next chapter?

You are inevitably looking into the unknown, the unpredictable and, in turn, the ability to make some real changes. So adapt and think ‘All Things Positive’.

  • You can be whoever you want to be – you have learnt from your mistakes and you are not the same person you were six months ago. Utilise this time to forgive yourself and remould your future without living in your past.
  • The chapter you are closing may not be your choice but where it leads you is. Think about your options, go for that big change, smash the bucket list and travel, or simply start saying yes a little more often.
  • In the words of the Dalai Lama: ‘In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision’.
  • If you’re more practical you could create a mood board or invest in a diary. Personally I am a bit of a dreamer but I, like so many others, need to start to make that dream a reality rather than staring at my pay cheque each month reminding myself ‘this is why I work’.
  • This chapter is not your first and it will not be your last. Take the risk, if it goes wrong… well you will be disappointed, BUT you will have tried. You will have learnt and you can always try again. Most importantly you will have answered the most possessive question of all ‘What if?’

A change is as good as a rest. No matter what opportunities and challenges lie ahead you must take time for yourself re-evaluate yourself and your goals. It is o.k. to change the goal posts as time goes on.

by Sophie


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