Healthy habits for a less stressful life

Hands up those of you who have never experienced stress? That’s none of you then! Stress is something we all feel, for any number of reasons.

From dealing with pressure at work to worrying about money, the symptoms of stress can befall any of us.

Thankfully, there are ways to cope with how we are feeling. When stress overwhelms us, we can use herbal supplements such as CBD oil to calm our frayed feelings, and a few meditative techniques can also ground us into getting a handle on our nervous thoughts.

However, we can also put into practice a few healthy habits, which will both help us when we are feeling stressed and will alleviate the chances of us getting stressed in the first place. Take a look at them here:


Healthy Habit #1: Simplify your day

A busy day with a hectic schedule is going to bring on those stress symptoms. Whether it’s at work or at home (or a mixture of both), you can take on too much, and your body and mind will struggle to keep up with everything going on around you.

Start to slow down, working at one thing at a time, rather than piling on extra pressures. Learn how to say no, to both people at work and those near you in your personal life.

By simplifying your day to those things that are essential, and by removing those things that don’t need to take precedence, you will have more room in your headspace to deal with life, and less reason to suffer from stress in the first place.


Healthy Habit #2: Have a healthier lifestyle

While you can’t escape stress, you can live a healthier lifestyle to help your body and mind counter stress symptoms.

This means taking part in exercise regularly, releasing those feel-good chemicals into your brain. This means eating a healthy diet to bolster your immune system. And this means giving up bad habits (such as smoking), improving your health overall to give you one less thing to stress about.

Consider your lifestyle, and if you need to make healthier changes, you can start the transition today.


Healthy Habit #3: Take up a calming hobby

Find that thing that both gives you a sense of enjoyment and distracts your worried mind. From taking up painting to going to a Yoga class, regularly partake in a hobby that will bring a sense of calm to your otherwise busy life.

Think about those hobbies you enjoy, or look to start something new, and make them a part of your daily/weekly schedule.


Healthy Habit #4: Do something that will make you laugh

Remember the saying: laughter is the best medicine. This is especially true when it comes to battling stress, according to research. So, find those things that will make you laugh, even its only for a few minutes each day.

Watch a comedy programme or movie, hang out with those people who tickle your funny bone, and take part in fun activities that will give you a giggle.

Do anything that brings a smile to your face and triggers you to laugh, purposefully making time for these things each day.

You can’t escape stress forever, but by following our simple advice, you can reduce the hold it has on you. Practice these habits today, and you will see the difference they make on your life.

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