Getting Fit Behind Your Workdesk

fitnessSpending several hours sitting around at work can have serious effects on your productivity and general health. We all know that spending the day behind a desk can lead to weight gain. Unless you are involved in a physically demanding job, you’ll probably find it difficult maintaining fitness. However, this can all be beaten by applying the following natural exercise workouts:

Use stairs more often 

Always take stairs rather than elevators and escalators when you’re operating in a high storey building.  As much as it may seem a hard task, you can go smart on it, by taking up an elevator for your up flights and walking down the rest.

Walk as much as possible at your workplace 

Most jobs provide rests breaks to their employees, and you can make a good use of it by making as many journeys as possible. A 15-minute walk during lunch hour can yield great results in the form of calorie burning – if you do it consistently.

Instead of putting your paper bin close to you, put it the other end of the room so that you’re forced to stand and walk to dump the litter. Instead of making a phone call or sending a text or email to a colleague at the workplace,  just take a walk to his or her desk and speak to them.

Cycle to and from work

Apart from reducing your calorie level, cycling is actually fun. While reporting to work or getting back home in the evening, most people prefer driving or taking taxis yet they cover relatively short distances. You can save a lot on the fuel cost or bus fare by buying a bike for your journeys to work. The exercise involved in riding a bicycle speeds up metabolism increases your blood flow and, of course, burns calories.

Get yourself a standing desk

Standing desks are another great short-cut to achieving fitness at work. Apart from keeping you attentive, it improves your posture and elevates your mood. If you’ve ever been cursed with neck and shoulder pains, then this is the kit you should be going for.

Who said that work and workout exercise have to be mutually exclusive? Keeping fit at work involves exercise before during and after work. The nature of the exercise is up to you but doing nothing is poor for health and fitness so that’s an option to rule out!

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